International Taxi in Korea

If you’re planning for a trip to Korea, you might want to consider taking the international taxi.

international taxi

international taxi

Very few Korean taxi drivers can speak languages other than Korean. I’ve even heard of taxi drivers who can’t locate the hotel as most hotels in Korea are not along the main road. For international taxi, you will just need to reserve 2 hours before your arrival at Incheon Airport (or Kimpo Airport) and specify the hotel. Rates are inexpensive too. If your hotel is located at places such as Dongdaemun, Myeongdong or Yongsan, it’ll only cost you 65,000 KRW. Compare to regular taxis, it may cost 85,000 KRW or more if the taxi driver has difficulty locating your hotel. You can check out the website at

Currently English, Chinese Mandarin and Japanese are available for the international taxi service. I’ve got myself a international taxi when I was in Korea and my driver was Miss Hyun. She spoke to me in pretty fluent English and her service was really awesome. She even accompanied me to the hotel lobby to assist me with the checking-in. I hired her taxi again when I return and she gave me a “bear wearing hanbok” keychain as a souvenir.

korean bear

korean bear

Readers, you may also read which I helped to contribute regarding my Korean trip.

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2010 Mnet Asian Music Awards Winners

Have you guys watched 2010 Mnet Asian Music Awards? This year’s biggest winners are  2NE1 and 2PM. I was quite disappointed that Super Junior wasn’t present for this award but nonetheless, it was rather an enjoyable show especially with the performances by the 3 Big Bang members (Taeyang, T.O.P & G-dragon) and 2pm’s rendition of their songs in the form of ballads. Wonder Girls’ performance was brilliant too and I’m glad that they sang “Nobody” again.  So, have you guys enjoyed the show too?



Artist of the Year : 2NE1

Album of the Year : 2NE1 with the album “To Anyone”

Song of the Year : miss A with the song “Bad Girl Good Girl”

Female Rookie Award: miss A

Best Dance Performance – Male Group : 2PM with the song “I’ll Be Back”

Best Digital Single : Park Bom – “You And I”

Best Asia New Artist : iME

Best R&B Group : Chemistry (Japan)

Best Asian Pop Artist : Perfume (Japan)

Best Asian Artist  : Zhang Jie (China)

Best Rap Performance : DJ Doc with the song  “나 이런사람이야 I’m The Kind of Person”

Best Vocal Performance – Solo : Gummy (거미) with the song “남자 라서 Because You’re A Man”

Best Dance Performane – Solo : Rain (비) with the song “널 붙잡을 노래 Love Song”

Best Band Performance : Hot Potato (뜨거운 감자) with the song “고백 Confession”

Best Dance Performance – Female Group : miss A with the song “Bad Girl Good Girl” 

Best International Artist : Far East Movement

Silla Duty Free Asian Wave Award : 2PM

Best Music Video : 2Ne1 with the song “Can’t Nobody”

Male Group Award : 2PM

Female Group Award: 2NE1

Male Singer Award : Taeyang (태양)

Female Singer Award : Gummy (거미)

Congrats to all the winners!



Photo Credits to : 스포츠조선 Sports Chosun @

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2010 Mnet Asian Music Awards

Are you watching 2010 Mnet Asian Music Awards now?

Live streaming is available at

Singapore viewers can watch at 8:00PM (Singapore Time) at Channel U

US Mnet subscribers can watch again at in the highest quality


Sinchon Area (신촌) is a busy shopping district sorounded by many famous universities such as Ewha Womans University(이화여자대학교), Yonsei University (연세대학교), Sogang University(서강대학교), Myongji University (명지대학교) and Hongik University(홍익대학교) which explains the young crowd in this area.

Ewha Womans University

Ewha Womans University

There are several forms of entertainment in this area such as bars, cafes, DVD rooms(DVD방), PC rooms (PC방) and shopping. The area is also filled with restaurants (especially Japanese Restaurants) and street vendors. A brand new Hello aPM is opening at the area too. I found out that things are cheaper at Sinchon. For instance; the price of street snacks normally cost 1000₩ in areas such as Myeongdong and Dongdaemun will only cost 700₩ at Sinchon area.



Sinchon is located near Seoul Subway Station Line 2 Ewha Womans University Station or Sinchon Station (not to be confused with Sincheon Station).

Sinchon Cafe

Sinchon Cafe

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Tosokchon Ginseng Chicken

Korean ginseng chicken or in Korean – Samgyetang (삼계탕) is a “must-eat” when you’re in Korea. I visited Tosokchon Restaurant (토속촌) for it as it was rated as the best ginseng chicken in Korea.



The soup is rich and creamy. It is broth with 30 ingredients and guests will also be served a small cup of ginseng wine or insamju (인삼주). It definitely worth the price of 14,000 ₩ (about SGD 18). The price of Ginseng Chicken you find in other restaurant is about 10,000 ₩ to 12,000₩.

Koreans usually enjoy Ginseng Chicken on three hottest day of summer namely  “Chobok”(초복), “Jungbok” (중복), and “Malbok” (말복). It was said that eating nutritious ginseng chicken will help regian the energy or stamina lost in the heat.

It is good to have it in the cold autumn season too. After finished my ginseng chicken, I felt warmth in my body which gave me more energy to discover more of Seoul!

The ambience of the restaurant pretty suits the dish as well. The restaurant itself is traditional hanok style and there is Korean floor heating or ondol (온돌)  while seated on the floor. The staff always gets busy but was not rude. They can speak Mandarin if you do not know how to speak Korean. Anyway, you just need to say a simple “Samgyetang” and the food will be served to you.

tosokchon queue

tosokchon queue

Remember that the queue will get really long during lunchtime (12 noon – 1:30pm) and dinnertime (6:30pm – 8pm). If you want to avoid the queue, it’ll be good to avoid these timings. I reached the restaurant at about 11:30am. There was no queue but the restaurant is already filled with people; mostly tourists.

To get there, alight at Gyeongbokgung Station (경복궁역). Then walk through Exit 2 and walk about 100 metres towards Hyoja-dong. You may refer to the map at station as Tosokchon is considered a tourist attraction.

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North Korea’s attack on South Korea’s Yeonpyeong Island

I believe that many of you may already know that North Korea had recently did an artillery attack on Yeonpyeong Island.

Travelling to Korea is still safe as before. Yeonpyeong Island is located at a disputed sea border and the rest of Korea is business as usual. Koreans and foreigner alike continue their daily lives.  

Let’s pray and hope for peace in Republic of Korea!

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Shop names in Hangul

 Do you know there’s only one place in the world where Starbucks, Innisfree, Tony Moly and Nature Republic is written in Hangul?

Starbucks 스타벅스커피



Innisfree 이니스프리



Nature Republic 네이처리퍼블릭

nature republic

nature republic

Tony Moly 토니모리

tony moly

tony moly


And the place is Insadong which is the centre of Korean culture of Seoul. Do check out these places if you’re in Seoul.

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