Seoul Lights Up for G-20!

If you happen to be in Seoul between 5th to 14th November, you’ll get to see beautiful lanterns across a 1km stretch area from the Cheonggye Plaza to the Samilgyo Bridge.  Seoul Lantern Festival welcomes world leaders for the 2010 5th G-20 Seoul Summit.

 Our favourite K-pop idol singers including Joon Soo (2pm),  Chang Min (2am), Sung Min (Super Junior), Seo Hyun (Girls Generation), Jong Hyun (SHINee) , Yong Jun Hyung (Beast)  and along with other K-pop idols sang a song together to commenmorate G-20 Summit. It’s titled “Let’s Go”.

So guys, Let’s go Korea!

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5 thoughts on “Seoul Lights Up for G-20!

  1. this is my first time listening to this song!
    i like Girls Generation and SuJu!

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