G20 Kimchi

G20 is happening in Seoul now and there are different types of kimchi with interesting ingredients created in honour of each nation attending the summit.

NOTE: All pictures and explanations comes from the facebook fanpage of Korea Tourism Organization. For more information, please “Like” Korea Tourism Organization at http://www.facebook.com/?ref=logo#!/koreatourism !

Australia : Chong Gak Kimchi – Young Radish Kimchi

“With the diverse cultures and new cuisines Australia continues to introduce, we offer a recipe that can go well with any menu…”

Indonesia : Kimchi marinated with coconut and spices

“Indonesian people enjoy coconut and spices…a great pairing of those ingredients Indonesians love”

Mexico: Gochu Sobaghi – Stuffed pepper kimchi

“Korea and Mexico both enjoy spicy food… Let’s introduce both countries love for spicy food to the world.”

I really do want to try the Indonesian Kimchi. The kimchi is seasoned with ingredients also familiar in Singapore – spices and coconut. The taste will definitely be unique and delicious.

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