Before you go Korea

Plan Your Itinerary

Do research before you go! Make a list of tourist spots you would like to go first.  Be realistic and do not plan too much in for one day. Korea Tourism Organization (KTO)  offers very good description and travel information for the whole of Korea. If you want to ask those who have been to Korea before, Tripadvisor will be a very good platform. The travel experts will give you very good advice such as accommodations, transport etc.

Get Maps and Travel Guide Book

Korea Tourism Organization in Singapore provides maps and even a Korea travelguide book. It is conveniently located at Samsung Hub, #01-02, 3 Church Street, Singapore 049483 which is near Prudential Building. The nearest MRT Station will be Raffles Place. You can even join activities at their Korea Plaza such as Kimchi Making and Korean Survival Classes to let you know more about the Korean culture. You may also want to be a Wah! Korea Club member. Join the facebook group too to get travel tips and latest offers.



Learn Korean

Learning some Korean will definitely help when you travel to Korea. Korean is actually not very difficult if you already know Japanese as the grammar is kinda similar. If you are really not a language person, perhaps you can just learn how to read Hangul which you may master within a day. You will often find English words written in Hangul in Korea. It will definitely make your life easier. For instance when you want to find the food you want such as Bibimbap (비빔밥), Kimbap (김밥), Tteokbokki (떡볶이) etc as it’ll be written in Korean most of the time.

Appreciate K-pop / Korean Dramas

You’ll be more excited when you are in Korea. I feel that when you listen to K-pop or watch Korean Dramas, you will appreciate Korea more. Just imagine that you’ll be “flooded” with K-pop music and the posters of your favourite Korean idols while walking on the street of Seoul!

Prepare for the weather

Korea has four distinct seasons though summer and winter are longer in Korea than Spring and Autumn. As I am travelling in a few days, it will be somewhat between late autmn to early winter. Daytime will be cool and nighttime will be cold. Recently in Seoul, the weather fluctuates a lot as winter is near. Check the weather online before you travel and prepare the suitable clothing for the season and everything will be fine.

Seoul Weather

Seoul Weather

Bring Enough Money

Seoul is a shopping and food paradise and you definitely want to spend extravagantly when you’re there.


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