Back From Seoul

I just came back from Seoul. When I was there, the weather was between 3°C to 13°C. It was definitely a fanastic time to visit Seoul and I still managed to see the beautiful autumn leaves. You would get to see autumn colours everywhere.

autumn leaves with hanok at background

autumn leaves with hanok at background

autumn leaves at Deoksugung

autumn leaves at Deoksugung


 I’m glad that I visited Sungkyunkwan University, which was a beautiful sight. This is one of my favourite pictures where the boy and his father are having fun at Sungkyunkwan.

autumn at Sungkyunkwan

autumn at Sungkyunkwan


More updates soon 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Back From Seoul

  1. update soon! i’d be lookin’ fwd to the entries 🙂 i’m going to seoul next year, pls give some tips on what to eat and where to go!! maybe some useful phrases that i may need to know when i’m there?

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