Insadong 인사동

Insadong(인사동) is a cultural place in Seoul which is very accessible. You can either get down at Anguk,Jongkak or Jongno 3-ga station.


Insadong is the best place where you can find traditional Korean antiques, calligraphy, tea houses and souvenirs. In fact, about 40% of Korea’s antique shops are located at Insadong. It’s definitely not a boring place. If you watch one of the episodes of “We got married”, Yonghwa and Seohyun went for a date at Insadong eating sweet potatoes.

Ssamziegil 쌈지길

One place you wouldn’t want to miss would definitely be Ssamziegil. It has an artistic atmosphere. I love the charming alleys which is design in a form of spiral-like slightly uphill walkways which means you do not need to climb the stairs therefore it’s also disabled-friendly. The stalls have really cool and unique accessories mostly designed by the stall-holders themselves. Do check out a stall which sells Ddong-ppang(똥빵) at level 1. You can also take a picture at one of the staircase and write a message and send an email to your friend as an e-card.



Ssamziegil stairway

Ssamziegil stairway

"Ddong" stall

"Ddong" stall

Korean youths are pretty artistic as they love to vandalise. The walls of Ssamziegil are filled with cute drawings despite many of the places in Seoul having the sign “낙서지 마세요” which means “Vandalising not allowed”. Nonetheless, I felt that these vandalising actually made this place more artistic don’t you think so?

insadong nakseo

insadong nakseo


Hidden Find at Insadong

Walking down the street of Insadong, you may find alleys which are mostly Korean restaurants. I went to one of the restaurants called (인사동 큰집) and had bibimbap there. The ambience and food was definitely awesome!

Insadong Keunjip

Insadong Keunjip

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