2010 Mnet Asian Music Awards Winners

Have you guys watched 2010 Mnet Asian Music Awards? This year’s biggest winners are  2NE1 and 2PM. I was quite disappointed that Super Junior wasn’t present for this award but nonetheless, it was rather an enjoyable show especially with the performances by the 3 Big Bang members (Taeyang, T.O.P & G-dragon) and 2pm’s rendition of their songs in the form of ballads. Wonder Girls’ performance was brilliant too and I’m glad that they sang “Nobody” again.  So, have you guys enjoyed the show too?



Artist of the Year : 2NE1

Album of the Year : 2NE1 with the album “To Anyone”

Song of the Year : miss A with the song “Bad Girl Good Girl”

Female Rookie Award: miss A

Best Dance Performance – Male Group : 2PM with the song “I’ll Be Back”

Best Digital Single : Park Bom – “You And I”

Best Asia New Artist : iME

Best R&B Group : Chemistry (Japan)

Best Asian Pop Artist : Perfume (Japan)

Best Asian Artist  : Zhang Jie (China)

Best Rap Performance : DJ Doc with the song  “나 이런사람이야 I’m The Kind of Person”

Best Vocal Performance – Solo : Gummy (거미) with the song “남자 라서 Because You’re A Man”

Best Dance Performane – Solo : Rain (비) with the song “널 붙잡을 노래 Love Song”

Best Band Performance : Hot Potato (뜨거운 감자) with the song “고백 Confession”

Best Dance Performance – Female Group : miss A with the song “Bad Girl Good Girl” 

Best International Artist : Far East Movement

Silla Duty Free Asian Wave Award : 2PM

Best Music Video : 2Ne1 with the song “Can’t Nobody”

Male Group Award : 2PM

Female Group Award: 2NE1

Male Singer Award : Taeyang (태양)

Female Singer Award : Gummy (거미)

Congrats to all the winners!



Photo Credits to : 스포츠조선 Sports Chosun @ www.sportschosun.com

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11 thoughts on “2010 Mnet Asian Music Awards Winners

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  4. I have been wondering how can I watch Mnet Music Awards (legally)? I’ve been wondering for quite some time =<
    I've just written a (pretty long…) post about GD&T.O.P's new album and I can't believe that BIG BANG didn't win Artist of the Year!! But 2NE1 are truly awesome. I really like their "new" fashion style, it suits them! And I'm glad TaeYang won an award too (though I wish TOP would have won one as well..!)
    Thanks for such a great blog! o(* w *)/

    • Hi there. MNET Music Awards was stream at allkpop legally. Various countries like Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao, Japan, China, Singapore etc broadcast the awards live on national TV. Thanks for the comments Hanakiyo! Do visit frequently for more korea-related stuff. ^^

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  8. ..i cant believe that big bang didn’t won the artist of the year but I’m still a big bang fan…:)

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