Melon Music Awards 2010 – 2NE1

Video of 2NE1 “Melon Star Shouting” is finally available.

One more day to Melon Music Awards 2010! Aren’t you excited? Leave a comment to show your support for your idol!

Do check out “Melon Star Shouting” videos of SNSD, IU and Lee Seung Ki here!


14 thoughts on “Melon Music Awards 2010 – 2NE1

  1. haha. i’m the first to leave a comment… i like 2pm and IU. IU has really great voice and pretty looks! 2pm has great dance moves.

  2. I like 2NE1 most. They have their own unique style.
    Their performance is always energetic, eventful, fascinating and lively.
    Their music or songs are no comment, because they’re so meaningful, great as well as showing their style.

    I Love 2NE1

  3. i think SNSD’s songs are more catchy and they’re prettier (than 2ne1) esp yoona and yuri. i just love them. snsd’s votes are so much higher than 2ne1… i think snsd gonna win all the awards!

    • ermm… i think 2ne1 still stands a good chance. and please… just a random person, i juz want to highlight that 2ne1 is very talented. they win alot of prizes at the MAMA award.

      2ne1 rox!

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