2010 Melon Music Awards Live Streaming

4 more hours to go for the 2010 Melon Music Awards!

Link here for the live streaming later at 1830hr (KST)!
(For viewers from Singapore, Malaysia, Phillipines, Taiwan, Hong Kong etc it’ll be 1730hr)
(For viewers from Vietnam, Thailand, Jakarta etc it’ll be 1630hr)

Anyways, for those who wants to find out more about Beauty Shopping in Korea you may click here.

Thanks for all the support from readers. My readership is getting higher and higher each day. I hope that readers will leave comments or email to me at seoulawesome@hotmail.com for suggestions such as the category you guys are interested (K-pop, Korean Food, Korean fashion etc) in. I would like to know who are my readers! Any comments about the Melon Music Awards During the Live Streaming are welcome too!

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4 thoughts on “2010 Melon Music Awards Live Streaming

  1. 3q for the link for live streaming! anywaY I like Korean pop. Write more on Korea traveling too as I haven’t been to Korea b4 , would want to go one day. Kam sa ham ni da!

  2. hehe ^.^ i think i’m adding to the readership

    do more on fashion! although i love hallyu too! 2ne1!!

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