2010 Melon Music Awards Pictures

2010 Melon Music Awards was held last night at Kyeonghee University. Top idols like SNSD, 2AM, 2PM, 2NE1,CN Blue,  T-ara, IU were present. The MC of last night’s awards was Song Joong-Ki. Here are the scree captures of yesterday’s Melon Music Awards 2010.

song joong ki

Yonghwa of CN Blue drawing the face of MC Song Joong Ki

sjk melon

The show begins with a dance by SJK and dancers

Sooyoung of SNSD

Sooyoung of SNSD

2NE1 Melon Awards

2NE1 won Top 10 artiste

sjk christmas

SJK performed the Korean rendition of "Santa Claus is coming to town"


17 year-old IU receiving the award. SJK named her the nation's little sister - 국민여동생

2am melon music awards 2010

2am receiving the awards


T-ara performed on stage

Lee Teuk

Only Lee Teuk, the leader of Super Junior was present for the awards


2pm nichkhun

nichkhun of 2pm - taecyeon wasn't present as he was busy filming drama

CN Blue melon music awards

CN Blue won "Newcomer award" Yonghwa - CN BLUE

Girls Generation

SNSD won the Top Artiste Daesang

So how you find the show last night?

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14 thoughts on “2010 Melon Music Awards Pictures

  1. *heart* the pictures to the max!! thank you seoulawesome 🙂 do you mind if i use a few of them to share with friends on my facebook?? i will credit you!!

  2. 안녕하세요!
    nice entry! i learn korean myself currently and i love korean drama and korean pop! after reading your blog, i feel like going korea.

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