KTO Annual General Meeting and Awards Ceremony

Have you heard of WAH! Korea Club? WAH! Korea Club is for those who love everything Korean from food, travel to music which was initiated by Korea Tourism Organization of Singapore.

Korea Tourism Organization

Korea Tourism Organization - Be inspired

 I was honoured to attend KTO’s Annual General Meeting and Award Ceremony on the 3rd December. I was being awarded with two others to be the top three WAH! Korea Club members who actively inovlved in the club through promoting Korea. After which, we discuss on ways to promote Korea tourism. We ended off the event with a dinner at Manna Korean Restaurant.

I hope that through this blog, I may let my readers know more about Korea Tourism and culture. I would also like to thank all readers. So what do you like about Korea?

Wah Korea Club

Awards Ceremony


Interested in joining WAH! Korea Club? Feel free to email me at seoulawesome@hotmail.com to find out more!

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