ElishaCoy Event

Last Saturday, I was invited to ElishaCoy Social Media Event at ALT @ The Heeren (together with bloggers Kristen and Yvonne).  ElishaCoy(엘리샤코이) is a Korean brand which uses all natural organic botanical ingredients.

Do you know that  jewelry complex can be found in ElishaCoy products? There are altogether 7 jewelry ingredients in one of the ElishaCoy Products – Diamond Shiny Pearl BB. So what are they? We played a mini game during the event to find out.

elishacoy jewelry

ElishaCoy Se7en Jewelry Secret

So, what do these jewelry do to our skin?

Amethyst – Violet variety of quartz which provides detoxification which has a whitening effect to our skin
Pearl – Anti-ageing and improve complexion
Coral – Leaves your skin softer and more radiant
Tourmaline – Helps absorption of nutrients which leaves your skin more youthful and radiant
Jade – Antioxidant
Diamond – Anti-ageing and more radiant skin
Amber – Eliminates impurities and dead cells

Besides the wonderful benefits of jewelry to our skin, a complex of 6 fruit flowers can also be found in the product. They are…
Peach Flower
Pomegranate  Flower
Orange Flower
Lime Flower
Apple Flower
Plum Flower

These flowers keep our skin dewy, soft, supple and baby-like all day long. It also makes skin smooth, improves elasticity, matains and even skin tone without dullness.

Centella asiatica, a mysterious wild plant only to be found in Madagascar is also included in the product. It soothes irritation, makes skin layer stronger and increases the self-nurturing ability of skin.

ElishaCoy will be having “BB Cream for Men” from mid-January. I will do a review on future posts.

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10 thoughts on “ElishaCoy Event

  1. hi, this is the first time i come to your blog. i feel like buying elishacoy products after reading it. your other korean articles are very interesting too.

  2. HEY seoulawesome!

    I never really hear about elisacoy before i read your blog. are the products good?

    Thanks and God bless!

  3. will you ever shw ya face? 🙂 i read beauty sorority. she posted ya pic but blur out ya face.

    hope you will shw it one day 🙂

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