NichKhun Cheese Ramen – Bodeul Bodeul Cheese Ramyeon

Korea has many different types of Ramen. I went to a mart along Daehangno when I was in Korea and bought “Bodeul Chijeu Ramyeon/Boodle Boodle Cheese Ramyeon 보들보들치즈라면” which is endorsed by Nichkhun of 2pm. Bodeul Bodeul Cheese Ramyeon belongs to Ottogi Company which specializes in sauces, snacks and instant noodles.

Boodle Boodle Cheese Ramen

Bodeul Bodeul Cheese Ramyeon 보들보들치즈라면

I can’t find this Ramyeon in Singapore so I decided to buy it. The packet comes with a picture of Nickhun and when you open it, there’s a sticker of Nickhun together with the flavouring powder.

nichkhun 2pm boodle

Nickhun at the back of the packet of ramyeon

Nichkun Cheese Ramyeon

3 Flavouring Powder Packets with a sticker of Nichkhun

So what’s the verdict of the Ramyeon?
I am a cheese lover and definitely love this flavour of ramyeon. The soup is very cheesy and not too salty. It is best if you eat the noodles with olive oiled seaweed and kimchi. (Every ramyeon taste good with kimchi i.m.o). Probably the best ramyeon I’ve eaten. I’ll give it a 5/5 (unless I’ve tried a better ramyeon in the future).

Nichkhun Cheese Ramen

Boodle Boodle Cheese Ramyeon

Bodeul Bodeul Cheese

Boodeul Bodeul Cheese Ramyeon with Egg, Kimchi and Seaweed

Here’s the video of the commercial of Bodeul Bodeul Cheese Ramyeon featuring Nichkhun!

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6 thoughts on “NichKhun Cheese Ramen – Bodeul Bodeul Cheese Ramyeon

  1. woo-wah… i’ve tried this before! looks really good from your pics…
    anyway, kimchi taste good with everything imo!

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