Myeongdong Cathedral

Myeongdong Cathedral (명동성당) is located at the shopping district of Myeongdong (명동). It is one of the first Catholic Church that was built in Korea during Joseon Dynasty despite persecutions by the then Joseon government resulting in many Catholics being martyred. The first Korean-born priest, Andrew Kim Daegeon (김대건) was martyred and is now known as a Saint.

Andrew Kim

Saint Andrew Kim Daegeon

Myeongdong Church

Myeongdong Cathedral 명동성당

The building is one of the few buildings in Korea that is one Gothic style. It truly stands out at the commercial area of Myeongdong.

Interior Myeongdong

Interior of Myeongdong Cathedral

Korea has the second largest number of Catholics in Asia (behind Philippines). That is why there are many worshippers attending Mass (church service) every Sunday. There’re quite a number of Catholics in the Korean entertainment scene such as BoA, Kim Yuna, Kim Ryeowook (Super Junior), Song Hye Kyo and Taemin (SHINee). Kim Yuna is known to be a devout Catholic who wears a rosary ring which is now known as a fashion statement in Korea. Koreans named it “Yuna’s ring”. SHINee’s Taemin wears a Rosary bracelet. During his performance for Lucifer, he dropped his rosary bracelet but was later being picked up by him when he end his performance. See here.

Korean Catholic Celebrities

Korean Celebrities who are known to be Catholic

This place is definitely worth a visit even if you’re not a Catholic. Also, it’s located near Myeongdong Gyoja restaurant. You’ll definitely not be disappointed with the beautiful gothic building and the beautiful trees around the Cathedral.

Myeongdong Cathedral Mary Grotto

Devotees praying


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18 thoughts on “Myeongdong Cathedral

  1. I am from the Philippines and I am a Catholic. I am happy that Ryeowook is Catholic! I like Super Junior! Their songs are good!

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  5. As a Brazilian Buddhist converted from Roman Catholicism, I don’t find this cathedral looks any extraordinary. The gothic cathedral in my home city (Petrópolis, Rio de Janeiro) seems actually much more beautiful.

    • Yes you’re right but this is Asia not South America . You’re country was a Portuguese colony and the European architectural styles are very common but for an asian country who wasn’t part of any European empire rule I find it very beautiful. Anyway may God bless us ! 🙂

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