SHINee’s songs being plagiarized?

plagiarized shinee

SHINee - victim of plagiarism (Source:

As we all know, SHINee’s songs are famous for being catchy. Recently, Serbian singer, Jelena Karleusa plagiarized SHINee’s “Lucifer (루시퍼)”. Jelena Karleusa’s plagiarized song is titled “Muskarac koji mrzi zene”. Click here if you are curious how similar it is with SHINee’s Lucifer.

Another song with similar tune with SHINee’s song is a song by Cambodian boyband KH Starts which uses the same tune as SHINee’s Ring Ding Dong. Click here to view their music video.

I guess SHINee and SM Entertainment must be furious now. However on the other hand, it also shows that SHINee’s fame has reached to Serbia and Cambodia. 

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