Korean Fashion For Men: Secret Garden Hyun Bin Style

In the drama, Secret Garden (시크릿 가든), Hyun Bin (현빈) wore a sweatsuit which became a hot topic in search engines in Korea. Although the  sweatsuit is infamous for being gaudy, it seems that netizens show a great interest with the sweatsuit. Even pop idol group INFINITE (인피니트)’s member, Woo Hyun (남우현) wore the nicknamed “Italian hand sewn” sweatsuit.

Woohyun Hyunbin

Woo Hyun on the left, Hyunbin on the right with the same shiny sweatsuit

Other than this shiny sweatsuit, Hyun Bin; who acted as an arrogant second generation Jaebol (재벌) which means business family, Kim Joo Won (김주원) also demostrates other great fashion styles. Online shopping and Dongdaemun even have the duplicate designs of the clothes he wore in the drama.

kim joo won secret garden

Hyun Bin as a CEO in Secret Garden


Hyun Bin Secret Garden

This outfit is very trendy among Korean in this Fall/Winter season


Anyway, this will be Hyun Bin’s last drama before he goes for his mandatory military service. According to various Korean new source, he volunteered to be part of the Marine Corps and will be confirmed on Feb 20. Let’s wish him all the best!

Photos credits: Yahoo! Korea Images

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8 thoughts on “Korean Fashion For Men: Secret Garden Hyun Bin Style

    • Hi Elizabeth! Are you teaching English in Korea? You can even use my blog as a tool for your Korean students. haha, anyways, thanks for your comment ^^

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  4. oh..hyun bin I`m also your #1 fan here in Philippines
    I wish you were here ! I LOVE YOU ! TAKE CARE ALWAYS ..

  5. Hello. I just recently watch Secret Garden. I’m currently staying here in the Philippines. I did watched the series for many reasons. But mainly because of the clothes that were presented on the series. Especially, those clothes that was worn by kim tae pyung. All were nice. I was inspired to have those kind of clothes.

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