Will KARA end up like DBSK?

KARA (카라)’s Gu Hara (구하라), Jiyoung(강지영), Nicole(정니콜) and Seunghyun (한승연) recently sued DPS Entertainment for abusing their contract and requested to terminate their contract. However, Gu Hara cancels contract termination which left KARA with Park Gyuri (박규리) and Gu Hara (구하라).

Goo Hara

Goo Hara (구하라) of KARA (Photo Source: Wikipedia)

Gyuri KARA

Park Gyuri (박규리)of KARA (Photo Source: Star Chosun)


According to allkpop, KARA members want to continue as a group. What will the fate of KARA be? We certainly hope that it’ll not end up like DBSK (동방신기, 東方神起). DBSK has currently two members left (U-Know & Max Changmin) after three other members filed a lawsuit against SM Entertainment (very similar to KARA’s case) and formed another group called JYJ (Hero Jaejoong, Yoochun, Junsu) with another company.

dong bang shin ki

Dong Bang Shin Ki with only U-know and Max left for their single "왜 (Keep Your Head Down)" (Photo Source:http://itunes.apple.com)


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18 thoughts on “Will KARA end up like DBSK?

  1. No way man! I like KARA recently after my friend recommended me the song “Jumping” and “Lupin”. They’re great singers and have great dance moves. Most of their members are prettier than Girls Generation also. I hope they won’t split. pleasseeee nooooo!!!!

    • yup,i’m agree with you..most of them more beauty than girls generation.they have talent…i hope they still together and solve that problem as soon as possible..KARA FIGHTING!!!
      Please think about your fans…PLEASEx10000000000000.

  2. i was a fan of dbsk but not anymore. since my favourite is HERO KIM JAEJOONG! i’m a supporter of JYJ now.. heheh!!

  3. It’s no wonder some of the celebrities wants to end their contracts with the record companies, considering the harsh press they’re under in the K-pop business. It’s really different from what I’m used to here in the west, but it has spurred some great artists and groups in Korea of course! I guess some of the ones who “get to the top” wants to do things their own way. (And then there’s the occasional unfair treatments and contract violations as well, of course!)

    • koreans are hardworking so it’s the same for the entertainment scene i guess. as the saying goes “사당오락” which means “sleep 4 hrs u’ll pass, sleep 5 hrs u’ll fail”, i’ve heard of the celebs not sleeping for days! idols these days need to sing, dance, mc-ing, acting and must have a sense of humor, it’s really not easy for them.

      • That’s horrible! Reminds me of the Japanese students. No wonder they have a higher suicide percentage than many other countries… But they also get a massive international fanbase! Not that one can really compare the two…

      • I would say Korean entertainers are currently the most talented compare to Japanese and Chinese. Probably becuz of their hardwork~

      • Yeah I think they’re drilled harder by their managers too! And most Japanese and Chinese suck at English so they have trouble getting a solid fanbase in the West as well I think D:

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  5. dbsk and kara have a lot in common:
    both have 5 members

    both have ALL five members as good-looking

    both are on the urge of splitting up into 3:2

    my pairings would be:
    nicole and yoochun,they both can speak english

    hara and jaejoong, even if jae is a better dancer,singer,entertainer and a lot more popular one thing is that they’re both good-looking and is the face of the group.

    jiyoung and changmin,one obvious reason,MAKNAES of the group.

    gyuri and yunho, both are the leaders and have a powerful aura surrounding them.

    junsu and seungyeon, they’re both the “cute” ones in the group not to mention both have strong vocals!!!

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