Seollal Special: Female Korean Idols in Hanbok

Hanbok (한복; 韓服) is still important in today’s Korean society especially during special events and festivals. During Seollal, Koreans wear their hanbok and bow to their elders. We’ll talk more about the Seollal customs in the next article.

Let us see some of the beautiful hanboks that our female idols wore.

eun jung hanbok

Eunjung of T-ara wearing modern Hanbok. Isn't it trendy to wear this during Seollal holidays? (Picture: Star News)

iu new year

Our Nation little sister (국민여동생) - IU in this simple Hanbok. She looks really sweet in Hanbok. (Picture:

Jea BEG Hanbok

Jea of Brown Eyed Girls. Looks different from her usual glam look (Photo:


Ga in New Year

Ga-in (가인) of Brown Eyed Girls looks cute here in this red hanbok (Photo:

Narsha Hanbok

Narsha of Brown Eyed Girls in a Hanbok (Photo:: naver + re-upped by pinkjelly88@soompi)

So who do you think looks best in Hanbok?

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16 thoughts on “Seollal Special: Female Korean Idols in Hanbok

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  2. I asked another blogger if she knows whether Koreans do pop songs for Seollal, like Westerners do for Xmas or Chinese for Chinese New Year. She said they are very uncommon and she knows only traditional ones. Not even covers of famous CNY songs. So as a K-pop fan, what can you comment on this? BTW Happy Lunar New Year

    • Hi. From my knowledge, they isn’t any Korean pop Seollal songs if you’re talking about pop songs that are sang by idols. They do have some traditional song for Seollal and songs that are sung by kids. Do note that thou Seollal is celebrated on the same day as Chinese New Year, the 2 festivals are celebrated quite differently. CNY is more lively than Seollal. The similarities is they do visit their relatives and the kids receive some money from their parents. I’ll do an article on Seollal celebration soon if u’re interested 🙂

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