Korean Fashion For Men: Korean School Uniform Style

Korean school uniform (particularly high school uniform) which we call it Gyobok (교복) in Korean has been a fashion statement amongst the Korean youths. The reason behind this is because school uniform retailers used idols for their advertisements and also the popularity of teen idol dramas which were often based in a high school. The examples of the dramas are “Goong 궁”, “Boys Over Flowers 꽃보다남자“, “Playful Kiss장난스런 키스” and “Dream High 드림 하이“. 

Korean school uniform for guys usually consists of a blazer, vest, shirt, tie and trousers. Let us see some of the pictures of the idols wearing the school uniform.

Super Junior

Siwon Uniform

Ryeowook on the left and Siwon at the centre for the movie, "Attack on the Pin Up Boys 꽃미남 연쇄 테러 사건"(Photo Source: Joynews.inews24.com)

Big Bang Uniform

Big Bang in School Uniform (Photo Source: money1.tistory.com)


Top Big Bang Uniform

Song Joong Ki and T.O.P of Big Bang. T.O.P is wearing a older version of uniform as he starred in a Korean War movie "71 Into the Fire" where he was potrayed as a patriotic student against the Northern invaders. (Photo Source:photo.media.daum.net)


Shinee school uniform

Shiny SHINee (빛나는 샤이니) for a school uniform catalogue (Photo Source:gthj.tistory.com)


Minho shinee uniform

Choi Minho of SHINee in Uniform (Photo Source: nemopan.com)

Wooyoung Uniform

2PM's Wooyoung as Jason in his debut drama, Dream High (Photo source: ntn.seoul.co.kr)


Kim Soo Hyun song sam dong

Kim Soo Hyun as Song Sam Dong in Dream High (Photo Sorce: newsdaily.co.kr)


soo hyun uniform

Kim Soo Hyun for IVY Club School Uniform Catalogue (Photo Source:Ivy Club)

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12 thoughts on “Korean Fashion For Men: Korean School Uniform Style

  1. i have uniform fetish. lol! just kidding. this is cool. thanks for sharing!!!!!! kansamanida.

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