Korean Celebrities’ Siblings (Part 2)

I’ve discussed about Korean Celebrities Siblings just one month ago. Today, we’ll see Korean celebrities’ siblings who are not celebrities but with a celebrity’s charisma. Pictures below!

SNSD’s Choi Sooyoung and Choi Soojin (소녀시대 수영 & 최수진)

sooyoung and sister

Choi Sooyoing with her beautiful unni

SNSD’s Choi Sooyoung (최수영) appeared in a variety show called “Introducing Star’s Friend” and Sooyoung introduced her beautiful older sister (eonni; 언니), Choi Soojin (최수진) to everyone. She was known to be the most beautiful star’s  friend. Besides her looks, Soojin even danced and sang in the show! As we can see, Soojin has a different charm as Sooyoung but what we can say is both are equally beautiful. We certainly hope that Soojin may one day be in the entertainment industry with her good looks and talents. Anyway, here’s wishing Sooyoung a belated birthday!

SNSD’s Kim Tae Yeon and Kim Ji Oong (소녀시대 태연 & 김지웅)

Taeyeon and oppa

Kim Taeyeon and Oppa


Don’t you agree Taeyeon’s older brother (oppa; 오빠), Kim Ji Oong (김지웅)looks like an ulzzang (얼짱) from Korea’s men fashion online shopping catalogue?  He’s also a very sweet oppa who frequently writes notes of encouragement for his dear sister. Netizens of Korea had dubbed him very “warm-hearted” towards his sister. Taeyeon is really lucky to have such a loving and good-looking brother!

SHINee’s Choi Minho and Choi Minseok (샤이니 민호 & 최민석)

Choi Minho Brother

Choi Minho and Hyung

Minho(민호) is known to won various Idol’s Olympic Games and recently won the swimming competition for the Lunar New Year Special programme. Minho and Minseok’s dad was a well-known football player for K-League and is currently a manager for South Korean football team. Minho and his Hyung frequently fought each other when they were young. His Hyung even apologized to him when he won a game. (Youtube link to find out more)  

Photo Credits:
choi sooyoung siblings: 한국재경신문
kim taeyeon: nemopan
kim jioong: www.wondergeneration.wordpress.com
choi minho: nate
choi minseok: twitter @ShawolsSHINee

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