Korean Valentine’s Day

Koreans celebrate Valentine’s Day in a differently from the West. The guys are not the ones who give presents to the girls, instead girls give fanciful chocolates to the guy they like. In return, the guy will give candies to the girl the following month (14th Mar) which is known as White Day (화이트데이) to reciprocate their love.

IU 좋은 날

IU in the music video, Good Day (좋은 날)


Since Valentine’s Day in Korea is more like the girl confessing her love to the guy instead, Korea’s Kumyoung Karaoke, recently held a vote for the best confession song. Majority of the vote goes to IU’s Good Day (좋은 날) as the best confession song on Valentine’s Day.

So, how do you say Happy Valentine’s in Korean?

♥ 발렌타인 축하해요!  ♥

발렌타인 (Ballen-tain) = Valentine’s
축하해요 (Jook’ah-haeyo) = Congratulations, Greetings

Have an awesome Valentine’s Everyone!

Siwon and Yoon

♥ 발렌타인 축하해요! ♥ from Seoul Awesome.... (Photo: SPAO)


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13 thoughts on “Korean Valentine’s Day

  1. 안녕하세요! ^^
    I got a question, is rigth to say 해피 발렌타인데이
    instead of 발렌타인 축하해요! ??

    • 안녕하세요!
      yea, it’s right to say 해피 발렌타인데이 (Haepi Ballrentain Dei) too!
      It’s just the romanization of the english term Happy Valentines!

      Whereas 발렌타인 축하해요 (발렌타인 祝賀해요 ) is more “Korean” in a way
      the word 축하 is a Sino-Korean word as shown above ^^

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