Who could be Dream High’s K?

As Dream High is approching to the last episode on 28th Feb, many viewers are curious of who the Superstar K could be? The possibilities could be one of the six main characters, namely; Song Samdong (송삼동) played by Kim Soo Hyun (김수현), Go Hyemi (고혜미) played by Suzy Bae (배수지), Jingook (진국) played by Ok Taecyeon (옥택연), Yoon Baekhee (윤백희) played by Ham Eunjung (함은정), Kim Pil-suk (김필숙) played by IU (아이유) and Jason (제이슨) played by Jang Wooyoung (장우영).

dream high

Dream High Characters: Samdong, Jingook, Baekhee, Hyemi, Pil Suk and Jason

Possibility #1 : Jingook/Hyun Shi-hyeok  (진국/현시혁) :  Taecyeon (택연)


Taecyeon as Jingook

If you look back at episode 1 of Dream High which they show the topstar K, the backview of the top star seems to resembles Jingook the most and can definitely be popular again after Baekhee tells the truth on why he beat up Director Yoon.  He had already the largest fanbase in Group K so he could highly be possible to be K.

Chance: 8.5점/10점

Possibility #2 : Yoon Baekhee (윤백희) : Eunjung (은정)

Baehee Eunjung

Eunjung as Baekhee

According to Korean netizens, Baekhee may the highest possibility. In episode 14, the news article which featured the molestation scandal labelled her as “Miss K (K 양)”. According to translation of allkpop, she said during her footage 

 “Right now, the title of ‘finalist K’ is something golden to me, and I will work hard to become that K which represents all of Korea. Look forward to what I can do.

 Kim Soohyun and Bae Suzy also predicted the character “Yoon Baekhee” to be the most sucessful character in the future. No doubt she is the most hardworking character and went through the most out of the rest of the characters. Could she be “K” ?

Chance: 8.5점/10점

To be continue…
Photo Credits : Dream High Official Website : http://www.kbs.co.kr/drama/dreamhigh/

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9 thoughts on “Who could be Dream High’s K?

  1. I would think both of them has the highest possibility. it’ll probably be all six of them too!

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