Eunjung & Kim Soo Hyun New Couple For WGM?

The staff of “We Got Married(우리결혼했어요)” recently has shown interest that they will be selecting Eun Jung (은정) of T-ara and new actor, Kim Soo Hyun (김수현) to replace Adam’s Couple (Jo Kwon and Ga-in).

kim soo hyun, eunjung

Kim Soo Hyun and Ham Eunjung (Source: Eunjung's Twitter @taraeunjung1212)

Ever since the Adam Couple left the show, the viewership has been falling. With the success of Dream High, this may help to boost the viewership. Although the roles of Eunjung (who played as Baekhee) and Soohyun (Sam Dong) did not interact much, behind the scenes, they seemed to be in very good terms (see interview). What’s more, it’ll be really interesting to see a new collaboration. If you have liked my facebook fanpage, you would already know that they just did a commercial together. They’ll probably work well if they really become the next couple for We Got Married!

Eunjung Kim Soo Hyun

Eunjung and Kim Soo Hyun for Spris (Photo: Spris)

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28 thoughts on “Eunjung & Kim Soo Hyun New Couple For WGM?

  1. that would be so awesome!!! hopefully they do get to be on WGM. it’d be super cute!. 🙂

  2. I would prefer taecyeon and eunjung since she didnt get to b wif him in dream high. This couple is good too. I would watch wgm if this really happens!

  3. Hello. Saw your blog through Interesting site! I love dream high and would really want this couple to happen …

  4. As y’all noe..,
    Suzy really likes Soo Hyun….
    So I think…..
    >Kim Soo Hyun & Suzy<
    wud b da best if dey bcome .COUPLE.

    Plzz let dem b 2geder…..:)

  5. As y’all noe…
    Suzy likes Kim Soo Hyun…
    so I think,,,,,,,
    >Kim Soo Hyun & suzy<
    wud b da best…..2 bcum .COUPLE.

    So,,plz people,..
    Let dem bcum a couple

  6. awwww…I’m okay with Eunjung and SOo Hyun, but i wish it would have been SOo Hyun and Miss A Suzy…since they both show more interest in each other even if it’s behind the scene…^^…especially when they both appeared in “Happy Together”, just by the way how Suzy stared at Soo Hyun when he was talking, that was like long than 2 minutes worth of gazing at him…It was…she just look at him while he talk and while everyone esle were gazing somewhere else listening to him…. Want to do the RIce Bag couple WGM….

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  8. Hello there, glad to see your blog 🙂
    I’m Indonesian, but i’ve been loving Korean since i watched Dream High -that was so amazing!
    I hope that Suzy can be with Soo Hyun, not Eunjung.
    Suzy and Soo Hyun, they both look so match! 😀

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  12. annyeong….
    i like eunjoong or yun baek hee….she is very nice..
    but I prefer suzy,,,i think suzy and kim soo hyun very suitable…
    I hope you guys can have relationships not only in the original drama out of it but you guys dating….

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  14. mauri (hello) from Kiribati…..
    i also like eunjung characteristic in the drama but i do think Mr Kim Soo Hyun and Ms Suzy are perfect couple……. as it’s shown how they acted around each other in the drama

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