Kimi Kobayashi vs Ulzzang Lee Na Young?

Recently, Singaporean blogger Xiaxue outed Youtuber Peter Coffin for allegedly having an 8-month relationship with a fake girlfriend that’s actually himself. Peter Coffin, together with his “girlfriend”, a very beautiful Kimi Kobayashi, has insulted Xiaxue several times on Twitter, leading the latter’s curiosity about “Kimi Kobayashi”. She found out that “Kimi” is using the pictures of Lee Na Young (이나영), our Korean ulzzang. 

lee na young

Lee Na Young's picture being misused as "Kimi Kobayashi" (Source:

While the online world is heated up about this incident – some saying that Peter Coffin deserves it and others accusing Xiaxue of cyber-bullying – one thing that probably everyone agreed with is that the only innocent victim in this incident is Lee Na Young, whose pictures have been used by the imposter to go with crude captions and imagery.

Let’s take a closer look at who Lee Na Young is and look at the difference between her and “Kimi Kobayashi”.

1. Crude comedian vs cute Eomchinddal

Kimi Kobayashi: Portrayed by imposter as crude and vulgar. She frequently tweets racist jokes, sexist jokes and dirty jokes.

Lee Na Young: Nicknamed “Eomchinddal”  (this means, someone who has both good personality and looks) by netizens, Ulzzang Lee Na Young has a clean and innocent image.

2. Japanese vs Korean

kimi kobayashi

"Kimi Kobayashi" in "Japan" (Photo Source:

Kimi Kobayashi: Kimi Kobayashi is a Japanese who lives in New York, according to the person behind this persona. That’s despite “having cola in Japan” with Korean words at the background.

Lee na young

Lee Na Young: A native of Gyeongju(경주) . She studied in Dongguk University (동국대학교) and is the winner of Miss Gyeongbuk (A beauty peagent in Korea) in 2007.

3. 18 vs 26

Kimi Kobayashi: She is 18 this year.

Lee Na Young: Born on 17 February 1985, which makes her 26 (Korean age 27) this year.

Other interesting facts about Lee Na Young:

-Lee Na Young was an English Literature student.
-She gained internet popularity after being spotted in the audience at a KBS TV programme and viewers found her pretty.
-Despite her internet popularity, she humbly said that she was surprised and feels “shy” about the attention and that she is not signed by any entertainment company.

Lee Na Young Ulzzang

Lee Na Young during KBS variety show filming (Photo Source:

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28 thoughts on “Kimi Kobayashi vs Ulzzang Lee Na Young?

  1. Thanks for this post! What is the general thought in Korea about how this young lady’s image has been used? Has Lee Na Young made any public comment?

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  3. coffin is a dick for making fun of asians… HOWEVER that doesn’t make Xiaxue being a vindicative cunt. Honestly, I wouldn’t have read her blog about peter if it wasn’t mentioned so much that it made me curious.. Truthfully, I dont give a flying fuck if he even fucks with a teddy bear.. IT’s NOT MY BUSINESS! As a real person, I don’t appreciate Xia xue putting it out there just because the guy made a comment about her behavior which is not even far from the truth. And if the entire world wide web will be laughing at Peter for what he’s done, THEY SHOULD be laughing as well at the hypocritical snitch who made him known to them.

    Never have I read Xia Xue celebrate her roots for being an asian.. she tries so hard to be white and it’s obvious. Then all of a sudden something reminded her that she’s asian and starts bashing people.. WTF? fake and gay

      • too worked up? this is how we talk casually.. it’s so easy to assume things and troll on other people when you’re just behind a monitor eh?.. and it’s so easy for hypocrites like you to point on how other people get “so worked up” about things when you yourself gives a crap about what other people say…. grow up troll… grow up..

    • Chill dude, can’t really blame jocylfroot for thinking that your getting too worked up for a guy who “does not give a flying fuck”.
      Seriously, from there way you word it- anyone would think so too. If it’s really a “casual” talk, why that nasty reply?

      • wow awesome… a troll account… and FYI if you don’t think she had it coming, i’m surprised you’re that ignorant.. or ur just like a kimi kobayashi version of “jocyl”

    • You do realise who started this first, right? Both Peter and Kimi attacked her with no reason in the first place. Also, peter attack her with a comment about her revision on her crooked nose.

      And being extremely pale is trying to be white? I’m pale my entire life and no one tells me I’m trying to be american. You seriously have nothing to do other than dissing people without info, then please don’t try to think your views are important.

      • that’s funny.. you really think nobody has ever heard about this story time and time again? and you and your condition about being pale is not the same with what im criticizing about TRYING TO BE PALE! << have you read that part? yeah you have.. you just want to argue…

        did i say peter coffin is right and xia xue is wrong? HELL NO?! he can burn and i'll even throw gasoline at him for all the things he said about being asian… does that make xia xue right though? HELL TO THE NO again!… instead of dealing with it in discretion, she wanted the whole world to know just so she can feel good and believe that there are people backing her up.. like you… but yeah.. nobody seems to see how vindictive she is. for people who haven't heard of her before, most probably you (and i'll say that just because it was easy for you to assume im so ignorant i haven't heard the entire story to know who did wrong first), how she was racist to another asian race (it's in her blog. read it) how she said haiti doesn't deserve help after their tragedy, and how many times she's been in the news in singapore NOT because she is "blogging queen" BUT BECAUSE of her pathetic actions in public.. Oh! like… fighting with taxi drivers to talking about waiters (oh yeah shes not bitter at all//sarcasm ends here) AND fighting with 3 other bloggers. yeah im sure.. even after all that "she should be celebrated!!" aaah dumbasses.. she's worse than peter coffin

      • This “heck” guy is reaaaaly not giving a “flying fuck”, having all this trouble to reply people “so casually”. Haha.

    • Does this mean that if a caucasian girl darkens her hair then she’s trying to be Asian? Experimenting with different looks doesn’t mean someone isn’t proud of their ethnic background.

      Anyway, Peter Coffin got what he deserved. He stole pictures of someone, pretended the girl was his girlfriend (LOSER!), and used the pictures unauthorized and illegally!

      Xiaxue was just smart and clever enough to uncover his lame-ness! Go Wendy! YOU ROCK!!

    • Look its another Fake account Peter Coffin created to hate on asians – screw u , its guys like pc who create a bad name for Caucasians . He’s a wannaB. When Lee Na Young does search herself up – the search engines pop up with her pics with rude captions dissing her friends and a doodle of a dick that makes her look like she’s holding it . It tarnished her name . She’s only a pretty young girl ya ass hole , leave the girl alone .Peter Coffin : One of the most hated YouTube Person ( not celebrity ) and … he’s a fraud. If she didnt bust him , wat would peple think of Lee na young ? ANd he’s stupid for messing with a girl who is friends with michelle phan

  4. heck, stop being an ass.
    i’ve been a reader of xx’s blog and although she has been accused of trying to be westernised, she strongly rebuts back with unquestionable resolve that she is proud to be an asian. look at her name- xiaxue, it means snowing in chinese. if she wanted to be english, why not start out with an english name?
    she can be bitchy sometimes, but who cares? she isn’t fake like somebody.

    • Oh. so in order to not be an ass like you Joe, I have to agree with you?! Yeah right.. sounds like something someone who lives with his mom would say.

      So because she kept her chinese name, doesn’t mean she’s westernized huh? Yeah. THat’s why she also has a name “Wendy Cheng”. Oh sure she is so proud to be asian huh? Tell me, which asian race has a blonde hair? None right? I got nothing against people bleaching their hair to a different color because I do mine too. But i don’t go prancing around, flashing a necklace that says “blonde” now do I? Because Im not fucking blonde. Dying your hair blonde doesn’t make you blonde either. SANE PEOPLE KNOW THAT.

      As for Lee Na Young. It’s sad that her name was brought into the mess. Needless to say, I do believe that the situation would’ve been handled in a discrete manner. Does the world care to know about a guy jacking off to a picture of a girl he never met? NO! Does the world care if that guy pretended to have 5 other lives or believes he has “tiger blood” or is a warlock? NO! But when people make their business sooo public, do people like me who just wants to mind their own business have a choice? YES BUT sooner or later most of us are going to try to find out what everyone is fussing about and what we’re missing. And it’s so irritating to know that we’re not really missing a lot.. Just a hypocrite asian girl pretending to be something else pointing and laughing at another guy who is american and a hypocrite who is also pretending to be a lot of things….

      Don’t be an ass Joe.. try to be less of a moron

      • Heck,
        You obviously don’t know too much about Asia. In Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, etc., a huge majority of the population have two names– a Chinese name and an English name. I’m not sure why. But, it doesn’t mean these people “want to be American.” LOL!!!

        By the way, in reference to the “blonde” necklace. That’s called irony. Get a sense of humor!

  5. people who support either xia xue or peter coffin, are the kind of people that will always make an excuse for their artificiality and will even try to make it sound that they are doing the right thing by exploiting the artificiality of others.. both of them are fake… so both of them dont have the right to keep bashing each other.

  6. Oh my god. hahaha I just searched my username on Google to see if my articles come up and I found this. FYI, “tadaiima” is not me.

    I am not a troll dear. haha here’s are my URLS:

    so you know that I’m not trolling. hahahah funny guy Heck.

    barely wrote 2 sentences and “Heck” had his panties in a bunch.

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