New Korean Pop Group – TOUCH

Kpop group touch

TOUCH KPOP (Taken From:

TOUCH is a Korean Pop Boy group which consists of 7 members. TOUCH is the acronym of  “The Original Undeniable Charismatic Homme (거부할 수 없는 원초적 카리스마를 가진 남자)”.

Let’s check out their individual profile.

Name: 한준 (HanJoon)
Position: Leader
Birthdate: 1990-01-30

Name: 준용 (JoonYong)
Position: Main Vocal
Birthdate: 1991-09-25

Name: 성용 (SungYong)
Birthdate: 1989-12-22

Name: 선웅 (SunWoong)
Birthdate: 1991-11-01

Name: 다빈 (DaBin)
Position: 막내 (Makne)
Birthdate: 1992-03-12

Name: 영훈 (YoungHoon)
Position: Rapper
Birthdate: 1990-11-27

Name: 민석 (MinSeok)
Position: rapper/dancer
Birthdate: 1990-08-15

They will be going to Singapore for their first time today. Check out the information on their presence in Singapore at


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