Korean Black Day

Song Sam Dong Kim Soo Hyun

Black Day - "Celebration" of singlehood (Photo Taken From: Dream High Official Website)

Since Korea has its own Valentine’s Day and White Day, there should be a day for singles too. This day is called “Black Day 블랙데이” by the Koreans.

It is a uniquely Korean observation day where singles get together to eat Jajangmyeon (자장면), which is a very affordable  “Korean-Chinese” dish originated in Incheon which is topped with black meat sauce. Singles, especially those who did not receive any gifts on Valentine’s Day and White Day will get together to emphatized with each other. Those who “celebrate” this day will also wear black clothings to symbolize their singlehood.


Jajangmyeon 자장면 (Photo Taken From: blog.joinsmsn.com)

There are also matchmaking agencies which organizes matchmaking sessions on this day.

I guess the biggest winner on Black Day will be Jajangmyeon stores which probably received more customers than any other days.

A year ago, Korean boy group, MBLAQ has named this day “MBLAQ Day” and wishes to celebrate with fans who are single, since all their members do not have girlfriend.


MBLAQ (Photo Taken From: korea.com.sg)

Since there are many other K-pop idols who claimed to be single, who do you want to celebrate your Black Day with?

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9 thoughts on “Korean Black Day

  1. I didn’t know such day exists. although I am very into Korea things like K-pop and Korean Food. If given a choice, I want to spend my Black Day with members of Girls Day!

  2. I want to share a plate of Jajangmyeon with Lee Ki Kwang. Haha! I think it can only happen in my dreams ❤

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  4. After browsing yuor web blog, I like it. Not only the first-rate layout, but also the valuable written content that help us a lot. Fantastic Work!

  5. Thank you very much for this post. I have a friend throwing a Black Day party and I was unsure of what it was.

    If I had to pick an idol then maybe, Choi Dong-wook (최동욱) = Se7en.

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