Spring Flowers in Korea

Heading to Korea during this springtime? Here are some of the best destinations in Korea for you to view spring flowers. In Korea, flowers bloom at its best in April. Here are some places to head to for flower viewing session.

Jeju Canola Flowers

canola in jeju

Canola Flowers in Jeju

 Jeju is the southernmost province of Korea. This island is the favourite destination for Honeymoon for Koreans and many dramas are filmed here due to its picturesque scenery. In springtime, you will be able to see beautiful canola flowers (유채).

Get there: From in front of the Jeju International Airport, take Bus 100 or 200 to the Jeju Intercity Bus Terminal (buses come every 7-8 minutes and operate from 06:00 to 22:50; travel time is roughly 15min). Take a Donghaeseon (East) bus to Sinyang-ri (bus comes every 20 min / travel time is 45 min). From Sinyang-ri, take a taxi to Seopjikoji.

Kyunghee University
Kyunghee Uni Sakura

Cherry Blossoms in Kyunghee University (Photo: yourstage.com)

Kyunghee University is one of the most prestigious universities in East Asia. They are also known for their stately old buildings and beautiful cherry blossoms (벚꽃) in spring. It is a popular place for young people to meet up under the cherry blossom trees in April, which create a tunnel effect when in full bloom.

Get there: 10-minute walk from Hoegi Station (Subway Line 1)


Yeouido Cherry Blossoms

Cherry Blossoms in Yeouido

Yeouido (여의도) is popularly known for its cherry blossom festival around this time of the year. It only started seven years ago and the festival also has a series of Korean cultural events. Visitors can also stroll along the romantic Han River through the tunnel of the magnificent cherry blossom trees.
Get there: Yeouido Subway Station Exit 3
Jinhae Cherry Blossom Tunnel>
jinhae cherry blossoms

Jinhae Cherry Blossoms (Photo: aving.net)

There are about 220,000 cherry blossom trees in full bloom in Jinhae, Changwon-si, Gyeongsangnam-do. The Naval base, Anmin Road and Jehwangsan Park. Jinhae attracts the most tourists during this time of the year and it is arguably the most beautiful place to view cherry blossoms in Korea.
Get there:From the Jinhae Train Station, it’s about a 10 to 15-minute walk (5 minutes by taxi) to Anmin Road, the Naval Headquarters, and Jehwangsan. To avoid the heavy traffic during the Gunhangje Festival, it is better to walk than to take a taxi. 

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16 thoughts on “Spring Flowers in Korea

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  5. Hi

    My wife & I are going to visit Seoul this coming Mar. 31 – Apr. 6. We are somehow undecided as to which place to visit in South Korea alongside our Seoul trippin’. And I have a few inquiries if you could answer them:

    1. Which is better? Jeju Island or Jinhae?
    2. Should we opt for Jeju, do you think that 4 days at Seoul would be enough? We wouldn’t be visiting temples, palaces, & museums. What I desire is more of cityscape, landscapes, nature scenes for photography purposes. My wife, desires amusement parks, Parks & shopping.
    3. Again, should we opt for Jeju, is it advisable to go there earlier (Mar. 31 to Apr. 2) to reach the full bloom Cherry Blossom scenery or at a later time?

    Sorry for the multiple questions. But your help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you & God Bless you.


    • 1. Mar 31 – Apr 6 will be the spring season. If you love cherry blossoms(sakura), Jinhae will be very beautiful with cherry blossoms. while Jeju is known for both canola flowers and cherry blossom in spring. It depends which do you prefer

      2.4 days in Seoul w/o temples and museum will be enough. Amusement Park may take up more than half day (Lotte World). Shopping I will recommend Myeongdong and Dongdaemun. Cityscape will be the Gangnam area and I personally prefer Apgujeong and Garosugil area. I love the Hongdae area, indie vibe and lotsa restaurants to choose from. Insadong has great modern art atmosphere. For more details, pls check out https://seoulawesome.wordpress.com/category/korea-travelling/

      3. Jeju Cherry Blossom Festival will happen on 04.06.2012 ~ 04.08.2012… so you are too early. However, blossoms will peak on Jeju Island around March 31st so I think you can be there earlier but I can’t be sure. Check out … http://asiaenglish.visitkorea.or.kr/ena/FU/FU_EN_15.jsp?cid=1566926 for the forecast of blossoms in Korea.

      Thanks and God bless to you too

      • Thank you so much for your prompt reply! We will take your recommendations VERY SERIOUSLY. (Thanks also for the blooms forecasting).

        Though hopefully you could help us decide which place to go of the two, Jeju or Jinhae? (Due to budgeting & limited time, we may have to sacrifice 1).

      • Wow. Thanks very much. Lastly, can you refer to me a taxi-tour guide (except for the famous Mr. Won, who seems to be booked all the days we’re going to be in Seoul) who can speak English preferably. Thanks again.

  6. Also, if you do not know any Jeju local taxi tour guide, do you think it would be okay for us to just go there at Jeju and search for a taxi guide (even if the driver does not speak English) and we’ll just have the itinerary prepared by the front desk?

    Hope you can reply soon. Thanks.


    • I don’t usually get a taxi tour guide in Jeju so i can’t really help you. I have two contacts here.maarooii@yahoo.co.kr. His name is Mr Won so I’m not sure if it’s the same person. Another one is Mr Cha (Hp : 010-9874-1282 / 010-6215-6703). He can speak very simple English. Better to do your own research first (i.e get a guide) beforehand.

  7. Hi Hi… I am going to Korea in 5 April for my wedding photoshoot and would like to look for driver that can bring me and my fiance around for the photoshoot. Do you have anyone to recommend and which are some of the area in Seoul that has great photo location.

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