Jeju New Maze Park Opens

Longest Maze in thw world

Jeju Maze Land (Photo: Korea Tourism Organization)

Planning for a trip to Jeju? Remember to visit Maze Land, an amazing theme park with the world’s longest labyrinth.

The 2,261 metres stone maze takes the shape of a dolhareubang; 하르방 (Jeju Dialect for Grandfather). The dolhareubangs are actually large mushroom-like stone statues, which has become the symbol of Jeju. Dolhareubangs are usually place outside gates to protect against demons on the island.  

Around 2,000 tress were planted at the 1,355 metres Wind Maze, which is shaped like a Typhoon.

Lastly, the Haenyeo (해녀) theme maze, shaped like a Haenyeo holding marine products. Haenyeo are female divers of Jeju Island, who dive into the sea for seafood.

In Maze Land, there is also a 2-storey museum which shows “Labyrinth of Monotaur”. It depicts the half-man, half bull monster of Greek Mythology. A man-made lake, grass park and an ecology centre are set up outdoors.

Jeju is one of the nominees of the New 7 Wonders of the world of nature. Let’s hope Jeju, the beautiful nature wonder will be selected.

☞ Admission Fees:

Adults (ages 19 and up) KRW 8,000 / Youths (ages 13-18) KRW 6,000 /

Children (ages 7-12) & Seniors (ages 65 and up) KRW 4,000

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