Seoul Dream Forest 북서울 꿈의숲

Seoul is not only about shopping and palaces…

Come to Seoul’s Dream Forest (북서울꿈의숲) and discover the hidden wonders and beauty of the metropolitan city.

dream forest

Seoul Dream Forest 북서울 꿈의숲 (Photo: KTO)

Dream Forest is a massive green park which is located in Northern Seoul. The park is surrounded by 2 densely forested mountains namely; Opaesan and Byeongsan. There’s always a season to enjoy the beauty of the park, from the Cherry Blossom Path during springtime and Maple Tree Forest in the season of autumn

Besides the abudant amount of vegetation, there are also many attractions to look out for.

History Garden

History Garden

History Garden (Photo: KTO)

Seoul Dream Forest has dedicated a place to preserve the tradition of Korea. There are several traditional structures such as Aewoljeong (Moon Enchanted Pavillion), Seokgyo (Stone Bridge), Changnyeongwigung Ancestral Shrine and Wolwangdae (Moonlight Podium).

Wolyeonji (Moon Reflecting Pond)

One of the main attractions of Seoul Forest – Wolyeongji, is located at the centre of the park.
Wolyeongji – literally translated as Moon Reflecting Pond best describes it as it looks especially beautiful at night, reflecting the moonlight from its shining surface.


Wolyeonggi (월영지 月影池) - Moon Reflectiong Pond (Photo: KTO)

For arts and culture lovers, there is a Dream Forest Arts Centre, a Lawn Plaza, a Design Seoul Gallery and a Cultural Plaza. The Arts Centre comprises of a Performance Hall, Concert Hall, Gallery, Cafe and a Observatory, which is the filming location of the KBS hit drama, IRIS.  

For those who loves nature, arts and culture… you’ll definitely love Dream Forest – a place specially dedicated for these aspects!

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