Coming of Age Day

Koreans celebrate “Coming of Age Day” (성년의 날 – Seongnyeoneui-nal), to commemorate adulthood when a person reaches the age of 20 (born 1991 this year). It falls on the third Monday of the month of May.

coming of age seohyun
Seohyun in a Seoul’s subway advertising billboard, commenmorating her adulthood this year. (Photo Source: Yahoo! Korea)


Many Korean celebrities also celebrate their adulthood this year. Seohyun of SNSD even got an advertising billboard in celebration of her entry into adulthood this year.
According to an interview, she wishes to be more responsible and assertive as an adult. According to poll, Seohyun got the most votes for “Person you wished to present roses with for the occasion of the coming of age” . For male celebrities, Minho of SHINee received the most votes. Rose is one of the 3 gifts of this celebration. The other two being perfume and a kiss.

Minho SHINee

Minho of SHINee (Photo: nemopan)

Other Korean celebrities whom celebrate their adulthood this year include Goo Hara of KARA, Jinwoon of 2AM, Dongwoon of B2st, Eli of U-KISS and NaNa of Orange Caramel/After School.

Seoul hosted a “Coming of Age” ceremony at Namsangol Hanok Village. Traditionally, the boys would tie their hair to a top knot and be given a traditional Korean hat known as ‘kat’ in Korean. Girls would roll their braided hair into a bun and fix with a pinyo – an Korean hairpin. The children would bow to their parents as a form of respect, to thank their parents whom have raise them into adults. Parents would also bow to their now adult children, to show their respect to their children. It also symbolizes the role for the adult children to take care of their parents.

korean coming of age

Coming of Age Ceromony in Seoul (Photo: Hi Seoul)

 Does your country celebrate any ceromony or celebration to commenmorate your debut into adulthood?

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