Korean Fashion For Men: Beast Fiction and Fact Style

Six-member group, BEAST (Boys of East Standing Tall) has finally released their first long-awaited comeback full-length album – FICTION AND FACT!


Beast Fact and Fiction


This album brilliantly brings us from a moment of fact, to the heartwarming ballad – Fiction. The album concept is pretty cool too with awesome styles for Korean guys to follow. Let us take a look at each of their style for the album – FICTION AND FACT.

Yoseob (양요섭): MainVocalist, Rap


Yoseob (Photo Source: http://playb2st.co.kr/)

Kikwang (이기광): Vocalist
Gikwang beast

Lee Kikwang (Photo Source: http://playb2st.co.kr/)


 Doojoon (윤두준): Leader, Vocalist

Yoon Doojoon
Yoon Doojoon (Photo Source: http://playb2st.co.kr/)

Hyun Seung (장현승): Vocalist

Hyun seung Beast
Jang Hyun seung (Photo Source: http://playb2st.co.kr/)

Junhyung (용준형): Rap

Yong Jun Hyung Beast

Yong Junhyung (Photo Source: http://playb2st.co.kr/))


Dongwoon (손동운): Vocalist

Dongwoon beast

Son Dong Woon (Photo Source: http://playb2st.co.kr/)

So who’s your favourite member of BEAST, and who carries the best style of this series?

18 thoughts on “Korean Fashion For Men: Beast Fiction and Fact Style

  1. 요섭 ❤
    Best vocal and best style for this album
    그래서 YOSEOB요섭 is by FAVORITE!

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