Korean Fashion For Men: 2PM Hands Up

Are you ready Hottest? 2Pm has just released teaser photos for “Hands Up”. These pictures were taken in Singapore.

Hands Up 2pm

Junho Nichkhun Wooyoung (Photo: naver.com)

Junsu and Junho

2PM Junsu and Junho - 준수 & 준호 (Photo: Naver.com)

taecyeon chansung

nichkhun wooyoung

2PM Nichkhun & Wooyoung 닉쿤 & 우영 (Photo: Naver.com)

2pm Junho Taec Chansung

Junsu Taecyeon and Chansung (Photo: Naver.com)

As you can see, 2PM’s “Hands Up” style is different from their usual beastly and rugged ‘look’. This time round, they are enjoying their luxurious lifestyle in their limousine. So, what do you think of this new look?

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