Hot Summer Bodies: Female Korean Idols

It’s summer in Korea. Most Koreans love summer for the hot weather, which means it’s time to dress up in bikinis and head to the beach! Not everyone can carry themselves well with a healthy summer body. Here are some of the female Korean celebrities whom Korean men love and Korean ladies admire.

Lee Hyori Arena Homme

Lee Hyori (Photo: Arena Homme)

Lee Hyori (이효리) is the epitome of sexiness in the K-pop industry. With her tanned skin and almost perfect body, she is loved by Koreans for her hot summer body.
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Korean Pop Idols’ Friendship

Being an idol can be very tough in the K-pop industry, therefore, its good to see the idols having great friendships with fellow K-pop celebrities. Let us see some of the K-pop idols’ friendship pairing.

IU & MBLAQ Thunder (아이유와 천둥)


Thunder and IU (Photo:!/MBLAQCD)

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SHINee’s Singapore Concert details

K-pop fans in Singapore out there. SHINee, which consists of Onew, Jonghyun, Key, Minho and Taemin, will have their concert in Singapore on the September 10th. Ticketing will commenced on July 30th.

shinee concert in singapore

SHINee World - SHINee concert in Singapore (Photo: xinmsn)

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Korean Fashion For Men: MBLAQ Mona Lisa

MBLAQ has released their new mini-album on 12th July 2011 with an interesting concept and fashion.

Mona Lisa MBLAQ

Mona Lisa - MBLAQ (Photo:

The theme of the album art is “celebrated works”, which featured some of the most iconic figures chosen by the members.

G.O(지오) chose “James Dean”, Mir(미르) chose “Beatles”, Lee Joon(이준) chose “Zorro”, Seungho(승호) chose ” Papillon”  while Thunder(천둥) chose “Boy George”.
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Rainy Days in Korea

It has been raining for about six weeks in Seoul. The summer rain is known as Sonagi(소나기) in Korean. “Sonagi” is also the name of Korea’s beloved story, penned by Hwang Sun-won (황순원). The story depicts a snapshot of innocent love between a boy and a girl. This beautiful story has inspired many TV and movie scenes to replicate – couple discovering a romantic bond when a downpour huddled them together beneath an umbrella or a tree. Such examples are “My Sassy Girl (엽기적인 그녀)” and “The Classic (클래식)”.

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Korean Fashion For Men: Summer Fashion

Are you heading to Korea this summer?

Seoul is still having gloomy rainy season. However, sunny days are expected to arrive soon.

Summer is the season to dress casually, without the hassle (for many people) to wear heavy outerwear.

This is also the best time to head to the beaches in Korea! Let’s check out some of the summer fashion tips by major “Online Shopping Mall” websites of Korea. 🙂



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