Rainy Days in Korea

It has been raining for about six weeks in Seoul. The summer rain is known as Sonagi(소나기) in Korean. “Sonagi” is also the name of Korea’s beloved story, penned by Hwang Sun-won (황순원). The story depicts a snapshot of innocent love between a boy and a girl. This beautiful story has inspired many TV and movie scenes to replicate – couple discovering a romantic bond when a downpour huddled them together beneath an umbrella or a tree. Such examples are “My Sassy Girl (엽기적인 그녀)” and “The Classic (클래식)”.

Soaking in the unexpected summer rain can be fun. However, for those who wants to keep away from the rain can actually go to some dry and air-conditioned places for a date in Korea.

Incheon’s Airport Oasis

Korea – a place with hot and wet summers and cold and snowy winters have cultivated various hardy native plants. Spring is the season when cherry blossoms and forsythia bloom. Summer is the season when parks and forests become truly verdant. Those who want to avoid the summer monsoon season can visit this indoor garden.

The controlled micro-climate of a greenhouse can host an exotic mix of plants and flowers. Take note of the 3-metre-tall tree ferns located inside Incheon International airport Transportation Centre. This plant is native to Korea’s honeymoon island – Jeju.

There are two sturdy glass and steel tunnels softened by 9,000 herbs, cacti, aquatic plants (and waterfalls!) and hanging plants. It is called Stargarden.

No wonder Incheon Airport has been awarded “Best Airport Worldwide for the past six years! (Reference: Matt Kelley)

Incheon Airport

Incheon Airport Indoor Oasis (Photo: Matt Kelley)


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