Hot Summer Bodies: Female Korean Idols

It’s summer in Korea. Most Koreans love summer for the hot weather, which means it’s time to dress up in bikinis and head to the beach! Not everyone can carry themselves well with a healthy summer body. Here are some of the female Korean celebrities whom Korean men love and Korean ladies admire.

Lee Hyori Arena Homme

Lee Hyori (Photo: Arena Homme)

Lee Hyori (이효리) is the epitome of sexiness in the K-pop industry. With her tanned skin and almost perfect body, she is loved by Koreans for her hot summer body.


Yuri of SNSD (Photo: Carribean Bay)

Yuri (권유리) is blessed with good looks and an S-line body. We saw her last summer as one of the life guards of Carribean Bay, with the song “Cabi Song”. Korean netizens chose Yuri to be the one with the hottest body in SNSD (소녀시대)


G.Na (Photo: Daum)

G.Na has a healthy-looking tanned skin and good figure. Before her debut in Cube Entertainment, she was featured in 2PM’s debut hit single, “10 points out of 10 points (10점만점에10점)” – the bikini lady whom was ogled by all the members of 2PM.


가인 Ga-in (Photo: BNT News)

Son Ga-in (손가인) of Brown Eyed Girls is not the typical K-pop beauty but she’s known for two things – Eyeliner and Body. Also, she has flawless skin that shines.  Our adorable BEG maknae’s popularity just keeps growing.

Shin se kyung

Shin Sekyung (Photo: Daum)

The only non-Kpop singer in the list is Shin Sekyung. She became more well-known in the K-pop circle after the media found out her relationship with SHINee’s Jonghyun. Koreans dubbed her as the girl with “Angel’s face-Devil’s body”.

So who is your favourite idol in the list?

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