Rainy Days in K-pop

Many of us might have already know the rainy weather in Korea. Rain may sometimes be a nuisance. Even if you’re not in Korea right now, there are many K-pop songs that will allow you to experience the Korean rainy days through the songs. Let us take a look at these songs.

BEAST/B2ST (비스트)- On Rainy Days (비가 오는 날엔)
(Lyrics: Choi Gyu Seong, Yong Junhyung Music: Choi Gyu Seong Arrangement: Choi Gyu Seong)

BEAST On Rainy Days Inkigayo

On Rainy Days Inkigayo Live (Photo: SBS / 4everKPOPgirlHD1 Channel)

On Rainy Days (비가 오는 날엔) is a beautiful ballad performed by BEAST(비스트). Recently, the song was banned by Ministry of Gender Equality and Family due to the line ” 취했나 봐 그만 마셔야 될 것 같애 (I must be drunk, I think I need to stop drinking)”. It claims that the line is recommending underage teens to drink as well.

My favourite part of the song:

“비가 오는 날엔 나를 찾아와
밤을 새워 괴롭히다
비가 그쳐가면 너도 따라서
서서히 조금씩 그쳐 가겠지
On rainy days you come and find me
Torturing me through the night
When the rain starts to stop, you follow
Slowly, little by little, you will stop as well”

Youtube: On Rainy Days

BEAST Inkigayo

BEAST On Rainy Days (Photo: SBS/ 4everKPOPgirlHD1)

IU (아이유) – Raindrop
(Lyrics: G.고릴라 Music: G.고릴라 Arrangement: G.고릴라)

IU Raindrop

IU Raindrop (Photo: Nate)

IU’s Raindrop was featured in IU’s single, “Nagging 잔소리”. The song depicts sadness through describing the rain.

“소나기가 내려온다
내 머리위로 갑자기 말도 없이
추억이 흘러 내린다
Suddenly the rain pours on my head
Without a word, I will get wet
The memory is falling down
Along the tears, just like a fool”

Youtube: Raindrop

CN BLUE (씨엔블루) – Love Rides With the Rain (사랑은 비를 타고)
(Lyrics: Han Seong Ho Music: Lee Jonghyun, Han Seung Hoon)


CN BLUE (Photo: Daum)

Love Comes With the Rain (사랑은 비를 타고) was featured in CN BLUE’s first full-length album, “First Step”. The genre is different genre from CN BLUE’s usual rock. Jonghyun is the lead vocalist of the ballad.

“사랑은 비를 타고 내려 추억은 비를 타고 흘러
내리는 빗소리에 또 그댈 떠올려요
눈물은 비를 타고 내려 기억은 비를 타고 흘러
굳은 가슴 적셔 놓고 떠나가네요 비를 타고
Love in the Rain ride in the rain flowing down the memories
Get back to rain again, remembering last time
Tears in the Rain ride in the rain flowing down the memories
Place a firm chest, I can only ride in the rain soaked”
(Translated by http://www.lyricsmoon.com)

Youtube: 사랑은 비를 타고

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10 thoughts on “Rainy Days in K-pop

  1. sorry, i don’t know them. what beast? they’re just copycats of 2pm. i only know idols from SM, YG and JYP.

      • Watever. I dun care about them. no wonder their songs got banned

    • fucking ass hole!i can see tat the fans of 2pm like u are assholes..i pity 2pm for having such useless and uneducated fans like u. B2ST is a great group.. their song are not fit to be banned. they are unique and don’t copy any group(2PM) they might have similarities but doesn’t mean B2ST copy 2pm right? If u don’t know B2ST then U r not updated with the latest and hottest k-pop boybands. LOSER!
      with hatred,
      A fan of B2ST

    • hey you. There is one word that fit with you. You know what word ? BITCH, Now i understand why i look at 2PM and i have no idea who the hell are they? Beast is not copy 2PM, actually, they are more better than 2PM. Anyway, ” Hands Up ” isn’t popular than ” On rainy days” . That’s why ” ON rainy days” is a HIT, not “HAnds Up”

  2. If this song is banned because the use of alcohol, why 2PM’s song Hands Up is not banned instead???????? THe lyrics have got the line “Put your hands up and get your drinks up”. WHY SO UNFAIR? and the SM person is very rude.

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