Chang Korean Charcoal BBQ Restaurant Review

Chang Korean Charcoal BBQ Restaurant is located at Dempsey Hill – the place where you can find many fine dining restaurants in Singapore, which is located near Orchard and Holland Districts. Shuttle Bus Service are available are different pick-up points of Orchard.

The interior of the restaurant has pretty good ambience.

Traditional Korean wooden floor seats are available if you come in a big group. There are also nice cosy rooms available.The best seats are probably along the windows. It gives a sense of serenity. Probably the restaurant is named after their excellent window view as “Chang” – from the word “창문 (窓門)” , which means window.

Many of the staff here has above average service. However, some non-Korean waitresses couldn’t understand me when I asked for “Gochujang”.

Ambience: 8.5 / 10
Service: 7 /10

Banchan (반찬)


Different variety of "Banchan (반찬)" are available

Chang serves a wide variety of Banchan, which means side dishes. You will get to try different kinds of banchans on different days when you visit Chang.

Banchan: 7 / 10

Bibimbap (비밤밥)

Roe bibimbap

Roe Bibimbap

Bibimbap is probably the first think we can think of when we refer to Korean cuisine. Chang’s Fish Roe Bibimbap looks very good. I was truly excited when this dish is being served to me. However, the bibimbap wasn’t what I expect. Two of the most important condiments of Bibimbap are absent – Gochujang (Korean Red pepper sauce) and Sesame Oil. For me, I would prefer the traditional Bibimbap which are mixed with Gochujang and sesame oil as it’ll be too bland without the condiments.

Bibimbap: 4 / 10

Jeon (전)


Jeon (Korean Pancake)

Jeon (전)  are varieties of Korean pancake. Koreans usually eat Jeon on a rainy day. Chang served Haemul Jeon (해물전), which means Seafood Pancake. Seafood isn’t plentiful in the jeon. The taste of the jeon is decent and not oily.

Jeon: 6.5 / 10

Broided Beef in Pumpkin (호박 불고기)

Beef pumpkin

Broiled Beef in Pumpkin

Broiled beef in pumpkin is worth a try. The beef tasted fresh and high quality and it goes well with the pumpkin and tangmyeon (탕면), which is dongfen or tanghoon in Chinese.

Broiled beef in pumpkin: 8 / 10

Seafood BBQ (해물 구이)

Seafood BBQ

Seafood BBQ

Chang BBQ Seafood

Chang's famous Charcoal BBQ

Chang’s seafood BBQ consists of prawns, squids, salmon, oysters, scallop, corn and mushrooms.

The BBQ is definitely a healthier choice as it uses very little oil (less the salmon and oyster). It doesn’t taste like a Korean dish. This dish is not exceptionally delicious but it’s worth a try for those who are health consious and loves seafood.

Seafood BBQ: 5.5 / 10

Boilded Pork With Wrapped Kimchi (오색제육냉채)

Boilded Pork with wrapped kimchi

Boilded Pork with wrapped kimchi

Boilded Pork with wrapped kimchi is a bossam-inspired dish. For benefit of doubt, bossam is a traditional Korean dish, which consists of pork belly, kimchi and vegetables for wrapping the meat. This tasted pretty good. The boilded pork isn’t too fatty and the kimchi tasted spicy and not too salty. You can have your pieces of pork with Korean pear and apple, which gives a refreshing taste.  I would recommend this dish for those who love bossam.

Boiled Pork with wrapped kimchi: 8.5 / 10

Ginseng Salad (인삼 샐러드)

ginseng salad

ginseng salad

Chang’s unique ginseng salad is not really a traditional Korean dish. I would call it a Korean fine dining dish. I love the sauce that has a light ginseng after taste.  There are even slices of ginseng. However, it didn’t leave me a strong impression.

Ginseng Salad: 7 /10

Chang is a very popular restaurant for Korean expats in Singapore. It has won many awards for its excellent food. However, I felt that the dishes are a bit over-priced and it doesn’t taste like the authentic Korean dishes that I’ve tasted in Korea. The plus points of Chang restaurant would be the ambience and the creativity of the dishes such as ginseng salad and broiled pork with wrapped kimchi.

Overall: 6.5/10


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