Korean Fashion For Men: Airport Fashion Part 2

As mentioned from my previous Airport Fashion Post, Korean celebrities will always be the centre of attention in the Airport as reporters are waiting & ready to snap pictures of them. However, it is more important for them to dress up comfortably for the flight. In this post, I will cover awesome Airport Fashion of members of SHINee and B2ST/BEAST and how they dress up casually yet in style.

BEAST/B2ST (비스트)
BEAST left for Japan for United Cube Concert (유나이티드 큐브 인 재팬) at about 8:30am at Gimpo Airport today (24 Aug 2011). It’ll be held at Tokyo’s Nippon Budokan (日本武道館) on 25 Aug 2011. BEAST displayed awesome fashion, let’s check them out!


Kikwang spotted in a casual T-shirt, earphone, sunglasses with a branded bag. (Photo: http://artsnews.mk.co.kr/)


Hyunseung is probably the most fashionable member of BEAST. He wore a long necklace and big spectacles to bring out his casual outfit. Comfortable + Chic and the same time (Photo: Arts News)

Yong Junhyung

Talented Junhyung with a chic "Crucifix T-shirt" (Photo: Arts News)

SHINee 샤이니
SHINee is known for their unique and awesome fashion. Of course, their airport fashion is always the center of attention in Korea.

Key and Minho

Minho wearing a chic outer while KEY in a stylish animal print outer (Photo: SEGYE)


SHINee members. Notice Jonghyun and Key's matching clothes? It is now known as Jongkey Couple Tee, which is popular in Korea! (Photo: TVReport)

Who did better? BEAST or SHINee?

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