Korean Female Celebrities Autumn Fashion 2011

It’s autumn and it’s the season of fashion. Many female celebrities get the autumn chic style for various photo shoots. Let us be captivated by these alluring pictures!

Yoon Eun Hye (윤은혜): Sexy Allure Glamor

Yoon Eun Hye

Yoon Eun Hye(윤은혜) for Dazed and Confused (Photo: Dazed and Confused )

“Lie To Me” A-list actress, Yoon Eun Hye shows some skin for Dazed and Confused (October 2011). The theme of the photo spread is “Calvin Klein Naked Glamor”. The photo definitely exhibit her sexy and chic side.

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Autumn Foliage in Korea 2011

Many visitors visit Korea for its beautiful autumn foliage (단풍). This year, we are expecting to see autumn foliage to begin in early October.

autumn foliage in korea

Autumn Foliage in Korea

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Korean Fashion For Men: Autumn Hairstyles 2011

Temperatures in Korea are getting lower, which means, it’s officially autumn! Although autumn foliage hasn’t come to Korea, we should start early by spotting cool autumn hairstyles! Firstly, get your hair dyed with lighter colours such as brown. Leave your fringe longer or/and get a perm! Let us get some inspiration by our Korean celebrities with their cool hairstyles suitable for the autumn season!

Won Bin (원빈): 9.5/10

Won Bin

Won Bin with a slightly longer fringe (Photo: Olympus)

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Soo Hyun of U-KISS apologizes on behalf of producer’s tweets

On 16th Sept, U-Kiss’s producer, Ryan S. Jhun (@ryanjhun) denigrated KARA in his tweet by saying “why are they singers? Or Dancers” and “who is KARA ?oh in Korean is go away 가라 “. KARA’s fans are extremely upset about his comments.

Soo Hyun

U-KISS Soo Hyun (Photo: @ukissSH)

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Autumn Comeback: Girls’ Battle 2011

From September to October, Girl groups KARA, Brown Eyed Girls, Girls Generation (SNSD), Wonder Girls and T-ara will have their comeback during this autumn period. Adding to them will be soloist idol, IU.

Brown Eyed Girls (브라운 아이드 걸스)

brown eyed girls

Brown Eyed Girls with the single, "Hot Shot" (Photo: Naver News)

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Chuseok Special: Chuseok Food

Today is Chuseok and many Koreans are busy preparing the Chuseok food since morning. It’s a day of feasting the freshly harvested food. Therefore, like what Super Junior’s Sindong had tweeted, ” Take a break from the diet plans and eat delicious food with your family!” Let us see what are the essential food for the holiday!

shindong twitter

Shindong in his recent tweet urging everyone to enjoy the holiday with food! (Photo: @ShinsFriends)

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Chuseok Special: Chuseok Traditions

Tomorrow (12th September 2011) marks Chuseok (추석) this year and Koreans are excited about this important festival. Chuseok is sometimes translated as “Korean Thanksgiving” as its a celebration of good harvest. Let us see what are the traditions of Chuseok!

Chuseokbim (추석빔)


IU in her Hanbok (Photo: Daum)

On this day, everyone will dress in new Hanbok and girls are sometimes adorned with beautiful traditional headress called “Ayam (아얌)” or “Jokduri (족두리)”  like what IU is wearing on the above picture. IU looks great in traditional Hanbok, doesn’t she? No wonder she was titled as the female idol made for Hanbok in a recent poll for Chuseok!

Hanbok can be easily purchased in department stores in Korea. Check out my previous post where you can see how Korean celebrities look in their beautiful Chuseok Hanbok.

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