Todai International Buffet

I was invited to Todai International Buffet (토다이), which is a Japanese-Korean buffet restaurant located at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore.

Proudly proclaimed itself as the “Mother of all Seafood Buffets”, it is most well-known for their widespread of seafood. Let’s check it out!

Todai Singapore

Todai Singapore

As you enter the restaurant, you’ll be attracted by the colourful desserts and fanciful sushi.

For K-pop fans, they’ll definitely be attracted by the “shrine of Korean pop idols” autographs, such as 2PM, CN BLUE, Rain and SE7EN.

The staff in the restaurant has above average service.

Korean Idols

Displays of Korean Idols Autographs

Ambience: 8/10
Service: 8/10

Japanese/Seafood Spread

Japanese spread

Todai's Japanese and Seafood Spread

The main “attraction” of Todai Restaurant would probably be their excellent wide variety sushi, sashimi and seafood spread. There are many creative sushi such as Merlion and Volcano. The seafood and sashimi are fresh and tasty.

Sushi-Sashimi-Seafood: 9/10

Korean Spread

Korean Todai

Todai's Korean spread

The Korean section has a decent spread at the corner of the restaurant. I enjoyed the spicy pork bulgogi and its gyoza. I hope that they’ll expand the Korean section.

Korean Section: 7/10

Todai Korean

Todai's Korean Section

Korean Section

Todai's Korean Section


Todai Pizza


Todai also offers western fare such as their Italian-style Pizza.



Dessert Fare in Todai

What’s a wholesome lunch or dinner without having desserts? In Todai, they have a wide range of delicious. I would recommend the mango cheese cake and tiramisu.


Todai's Dessert

Desserts and Fruits: 7.5/10

Head down now to Marina Bay Sands for the awesome buffet spread!

* Todai restaurants are located in Korea, USA, Singapore and China!

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