Korean Fashion For Men: U-KISS Neverland

The first idol group to comeback this autumn will be seven-member group, U-KISS (Ubiquitous Korean International idol Super Star)! They have finally released their first long-awaited comeback full-length album – Neverland! Let’s take a look at the awesome new hairstyle of U-KISS (유키스)!

Dongho (동호): Rap


Makne Dongho 막내 동호 (Photo: http://www.u-kiss.co.kr/)

Kevin (케빈): Vocal

Hoon (훈): Vocal

AJ (에이제이): Vocal + Rap

Eli (일라이): Rap

Kiseop (기섭): Vocal

Soohyun (수현): Vocal

So who’s your favourite member of U-KISS, and who carries the best style of this series? What do you think of their new album?

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27 thoughts on “Korean Fashion For Men: U-KISS Neverland

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  5. For me is the leader SHIN SOO HYUN…He is so handsome and have a power vocal that made me fainted to hear him singing..

  6. 진짜 좋아해 –> Vocal : Soohyun (수현), RAP : AJ (에이제이), Dance : Kevin (케빈)…♪( ´▽`)ง

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