Chuseok Special: Chuseok Food

Today is Chuseok and many Koreans are busy preparing the Chuseok food since morning. It’s a day of feasting the freshly harvested food. Therefore, like what Super Junior’s Sindong had tweeted, ” Take a break from the diet plans and eat delicious food with your family!” Let us see what are the essential food for the holiday!

shindong twitter

Shindong in his recent tweet urging everyone to enjoy the holiday with food! (Photo: @ShinsFriends)



Songpyeon 송편(Photo:

Songpyeon (송편) is a variation of tteok, which are eaten especially during the Chuseok holidays due to its half moon shape. There are many different fillings you can have for Songpyeon such as sesame seeds, chestnuts or red bean paste and it is then layered with pine needles to add fragrance. Traditionally, a woman who makes the most beautiful songpyeon will give birth to a beautiful daughter.

Liquors (백주)

Traditionally, a variation of Korean wine called Baekju (백주) is drank during Chuseok.

Freshly Harvested Fruits and Rice (햅쌀과 햇과일)


Korean grapes (Photo: Naver)

The freshly harvested fruits and rice are to be enjoyed during Chuseok. Koreans give thanks to God or their ancestors depending on their religion for giving them good harvest for the year.

Other Korean Delicacies 


Japchae for Chuseok (Photo: Naver)


Other delicacies of Chuseok include Japchae (잡채), Bulgogi (불고기), Jeon (전) and many more!

Hope everyone is feasting right now! Happy Chuseok! 즐거운 추석연휴 보내세요!

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