Soo Hyun of U-KISS apologizes on behalf of producer’s tweets

On 16th Sept, U-Kiss’s producer, Ryan S. Jhun (@ryanjhun) denigrated KARA in his tweet by saying “why are they singers? Or Dancers” and “who is KARA ?oh in Korean is go away 가라 “. KARA’s fans are extremely upset about his comments.

Soo Hyun

U-KISS Soo Hyun (Photo: @ukissSH)

ryan tweet

Ryan's Tweet (Photo: @ryanjhun )


U-KISS’s Leader, Soo Hyun decided to apologize to KARA and their fans on behalf of producer, Ryan S. Jhun. He tweeted on 18th September, ” 하….. 제가 다잘못했습니다 ; 사실 저는 이제알았거든요.. 카라선배님들 카라선배님팬여러분들 죄송합니다..죄송합니다..마음 푸시고 다음 부턴 이런일없을꺼에요..죄송합니다 죄송합니다. 그리구 키스미 여러분들도 그만하시구용…. 죄송합니다…” which roughly means “… I did wrong; in truth, I just know about all this now. I am sorry to KARA seniors and also our seniors’ fans… I am sorry… sorry… Please feel better, sorry sorry. And then, everyone from KISS ME (U-KISS Fan Club), please stop, sorry…”

Many U-KISS’s fans felt that Soo Hyun shouldn’t have apologize as he is not involved with Ryan S. Jhun’s tweets. Ryan S. Jhun also tweeted some “apology” messages.

Meanwhile, KARA’s Seungyeon was rushed to hospital after fainting during Inkigayo’s pre-recording. However, she returned to stage for performance. In conclusion, we can see that the girls of KARA are definitely professional. They put up an awesome performance despite Seungyeon not feeling very well. Let’s hope all the best to KARA, as well as U-KISS!

So, should Soo Hyun apologize on behalf of Ryan?

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5 thoughts on “Soo Hyun of U-KISS apologizes on behalf of producer’s tweets

  1. oh man, pooor soohyun need to apologize for that guY! WHY? i love kara n u-kiss kkk… i hate the goy, he shouldnt say bad about kara

  2. Y should Soohyun Oppa apologise for him?? U-kiss is not wrong, that Ryan guy is. I don’t think U-kiss with endorse Ryan’s tweets. This is so unfair.

    I love U-kiss and Kara, and I hope they will not start an argument because of this stupid guy.

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