Autumn Foliage in Korea 2011

Many visitors visit Korea for its beautiful autumn foliage (단풍). This year, we are expecting to see autumn foliage to begin in early October.

autumn foliage in korea

Autumn Foliage in Korea

To view the most beautiful autumn foliage in Korea, visit one of the mountains. First foliage of Seoraksan Mountain (설악산) in Gangwon-do (강원도) to start around October 3rd. Let us see the predicted dates for the first foliage and peak time for 2011’s autumn foliage schedule.

*First Foliage – 20% of a given area’s foliage has changed colours
** Peak Time –   Above 80% of a given area’s foliage has changed colours

2011 Autumn Foliage Schedule
First Foliage
Peak Time
Seoraksan (설악산) 10.3 10.20
Odaesan (오대산) 10.6 10.18
Bukhansan (북한산) 10.19 10.28
Chiaksan (치악산) 10.13 10.23
Woraksan (월악산) 10.16 10.26
Songnisan (속리산) 10.17 10.27
Gyeryongsan (계룡산) 10.18 10.27
Palgongsan (팔공산) 10.22 10.28
Gayasan (가야산) 10.16 10.28
Naejangsan (내장산) 10.26 11.7
Jirisan (지리산) 10.13 10.23
Mudeungsan (무등산) 10.23 11.3
Duryunsan (두륜산) 10.30 11.12
Hallasan (한라산) 10.17 10.28


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