Korean Female Celebrities Autumn Fashion 2011

It’s autumn and it’s the season of fashion. Many female celebrities get the autumn chic style for various photo shoots. Let us be captivated by these alluring pictures!

Yoon Eun Hye (윤은혜): Sexy Allure Glamor

Yoon Eun Hye

Yoon Eun Hye(윤은혜) for Dazed and Confused (Photo: Dazed and Confused )

“Lie To Me” A-list actress, Yoon Eun Hye shows some skin for Dazed and Confused (October 2011). The theme of the photo spread is “Calvin Klein Naked Glamor”. The photo definitely exhibit her sexy and chic side.

Seohyun (서현): Fall’s Elegance Look

seohyun vogue girl

Seohyun(서현) for Vogue Girl (Photo: Vogue Girl)

SNSD’s maknae, Seohyun has finally grown-up with the photo spread for Vogue Girl October 2011 issue! We can see that Seohyun can fit well looking both feminine and elegant.

IU (아이유): Fall in Vogue

IU ysb

IU (아이유) for ysb (Photo: 예스비)

Nation’s little sister, IU becomes a lady for the recent y’sb(예스비) Fall/Winter2011 photo shoot. Meanwhile, IU is in the midst of preparing her new album.  Check out the rest of the photos here!

Min Hyorin (민효린): Upper Class Autumn Look

Min Hyorin harper's bazaar

Min Hyorin for Harper’s BAZAAR Korea (Photo: Naver)

‘Romance Town’ star, Min Hyorin (민효린) sheds off her “girl-next-door” image and transform into a stylish sophisticated high society look in her recent photo shoots for Autumn’s “Harper’s Bazzar Korea”.

Yuri (유리): Autumn’s Urban Chic

Yuri cosmopolitan

Yuri for Cosmopolitan (Photo: StarNews)

In October 2011’s Cosmopolitan Korea, Yuri of SNSD shows off her autumn “urban look”. SNSD will be releasing their new album, “The Boys” this October!

Which autumn style do you like the best?

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