Miss A Singapore Showcase 2011

I was invited for Miss A’s Special Showcase in Singapore on 30th September 2011 in Max Pavilion.

Miss A Suzy

Miss A Suzy

This was my first time watching Miss A performing live on stage. Although Miss A only debuted in 2010, they are already being recognized as one of the Big 4 girl groups in Korea (alongside with 2NE1, SNSD and KARA).

Miss A

Miss A

Miss A opened the showcase with their newest hit, “Goodbye Baby”. Later, they threw plush toys to the audience. The plush toys has each of the members’ signature. Those who got the plush toys will be able to play games with Miss A. Miss A showed their cute and friendly side as they played games with the lucky fans.

miss A

miss A's awesome performance

Each of them also showcased their talent. Min performed a hip hop dance, Suzy performed an English song and Chinese members Fei and Jia performed a powerful dance.

Miss A Singapore

Miss A Singapore Showcase

Besides their songs, Miss A also performed an awesome rendition of Lady GaGa’s “Poker Face”.

miss A

Miss A Suzy

Fans gave maknae Suzy a surprise as the audience sang “Happy Birthday” song in English, Mandarin and Korean. An SGD2000(approx. 1,806,639 Won) birthday cake was prepared specially for her. Suzy was very touched by the surprise and shed tears. According to Jia, Suzy seldom shed tears in front of the other members.

Later, Suzy tweeted, “missA 싱가폴 쇼케이스 너무 재밌었구.. 감동감동*.* 신난다!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”, which means “missA’s Singapore Showcase was very entertaining. Very touched *.* very exciting!!!!!!!!!”

Miss A Suzy

Miss A Suzy Birthday Cake with the words, 생일축하해

miss A

miss A (From Left: Min, Suzy, Jia and Fei) with the birthday cake

The showcase end off with songs, “Breathe” and their debut song, “Good Girl Bad Girl”. It was definitely an awesome and enjoyable night for all of us.

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