Korean Fashion For Men: Autumn Fashion 2011

Autumn is probably the most beautiful season in Korea.

In autumn, as the weather is cool but not too cold, it is the time for us to wear cardigans and trench coats.

The color elements of autumn consist of red, brown, grey, khaki and beige (just to name a few).

So what are the Korean “Online Shopping Mall” having for Fall 2011? Let’s check them out!


Photo: Flyday.co.kr

Weather is getting cooler in Seoul, but not to the extent of wearing thick jackets. Grab the chance of wearing fashionable cardigans. Head down to Seoul Dream Forest and enjoy the awesome weather of fall!


Photo: Hotboom.co.kr

How about wearing a red cardigan to blend with the autumn colors. The trees just begin to turn red and we’ve have to wait awhile before we can enjoy the full autumn foliage! Seoul is known for its beautiful universities such as Kyunghee University and Sungkyunkwan University! It is recommended to visit one of them while you’re in Seoul!


Photo: aboki.net

Autumn is the time to enjoy the autumn foliage in parks and mountains. Visit one of the mountains of Korea such as Seoraksan, Hallasan or Jirisan to discover the most beautiful part of Korea during fall! Check out the schedule for autumn foliage for 2011 here.


Photo: vinbros.co.kr

Make yourself casually chic and stroll down the streets of Garosugil, Apgujeong or Hongdae. Take your time to visit the cafes or shops in these areas.


Photo: Vintagehwan.co.kr

Visit Myeongdong Cathedral, one of the few gothic-inspired architecture in Korea. This is one of the oldest churches in Seoul.

Aren’t you already excited for autumn in Korea?

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