Hangul Day 2011

9 Oct marks Hangul Day (한글날; Hangullal) in Korea. Hangul is the native alphabet of Koreans, which was invented by the Great King Sejong. SBS aired a new Wednesday-Thursday Drama, “Deep Rooted Tree(뿌리깊은 나무)” from Oct 5th, surrounding the invention of Hangul.

Song Joong Ki King Sejong

Song Joong Ki as the young King Sejong for "A Deep Rooted Tree" (Photo:http://tvreport.co.kr)

Song Joong Ki plays the young King Sejong due to his “brainy look” and charisma.

He added, “I thought about how hard King Sejong tried to make the Korean alphabet and the conflicts between him and his father”. (TV Report)

Google Korea has a change for their page today. The word “Google” is changed to “구글 (Googeul)”, to commemorate this special day.

Google Korea

Google Korea in Hangul (Photo: Google Korea)

Don’t you agree Hangul is a beautiful yet simple character to learn?

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