Korean Fashion For Men: Bowl Cut

Many Korean male idols are spotting a unique hairstyle – bowl cut. It only suit guys with more volume hair and a cute face. Bowl cut will definitely makes the person look even more adorable than before. Let us take a look at the idols with this hairstyle.

Dongho (동호) – 10/10

Dongho hairstyle

Dongho is probably the most famous spotting the hairstyle. (Photo: Naver)

Taemin (태민) – 8.5/10

taemin hairstyle

Taemin debuted with this bowl cut. In my opinion, this hairstyle can also be named "Maknae Hairstyle" as both Dongho and Taemin were the first with this hairstyle. (Photo: Daum)

Yoseob (요섭): 7/10


BEAST's Yoseob new bowl cut. The hairstyle certainly made him 5 years younger! (Photo: @helloimys)

Wooyoung (우영) – 8/10


Wooyoung with the not-so-typical bowl cut. (Photo: 조이뉴스)

Kikwang (기광) – 7/10

Kikwang hairstyle

Kikwang's new bowl haircut for the drama, " I'm a flower too". (Photo: Nate)

Anyone wants to challenge with a bowl haircut this autumn?

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