Autumn Comeback 2011: T-ara

T-ara is gonna make a comeback on Music Bank on the 18th of November. Their new album will be name “Black Eyes” and they will be promoting two songs; “Cry Cry (크라이 크라이)” this month and “Lovey Dovey(러비더비)” will be release the following month.

T-ara Cry Cry

T-ara Black Eyes (Photo: Osen)

“Cry Cry” will be a totally new concept from their previous hit, “Roly Poly”. T-ara fans might have already watched their teaser for their new song. It has an action movie concept. The girls has a cool image, different from their cute and retro style in the past.

The MV is shot in Busan and it will featured actors Cha Seung Won (The Greatest Love) and Ji Chang Wook (Smile, Donghae). Stay tuned to Seoul Awesome for their teaser pictures!

T-ara Cry Cry

T-ara Cry Cry (Photo: Daum)

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